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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nurse Jackie ... Reading Reagan … Bob Herbert … the Navy … Hardball … DOC says ...


Nurse Jackie ... oy vey, the wife FINALLY recognized Nurse Jackie as a despicable person (and a GREAT show--we both LOVE it). Actually, it was 2 shows ago when the boss acknowledged what I’d been saying all along (I’m right so rarely, I feel an extra need to point it out). The problem is I suspect the writers will have her husband cut off what’s left of his cajones with the “drug excuse” for her screwing around, etc. As for Eddie ... he had the line of the season last night: “Anyone who really knows you (Jackie) knows they don’t know you.”

Dutch … so far pretty interesting, although the “memoir/bio” was somewhat controversial for several reasons, predominantly because the author (a Pulitzer prize winner for his The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt), wrote himself in as a fictional character from Reagan’s youth … those on both sides of the political aisle have taken issue with this account of Ronald Wilson Reagan. Still, it’s been interesting so far. For one thing, I was never a Reaganite and more a blind faith Democrat loyalist who couldn’t understand how working people could ever vote for Republicans. I had thought Reagan a cheerleader at best and absurd politically (being a blind faith anything precludes one from seeing anything but what one wants to see). As it turns out, not only was Reagan not the big dope I assumed him to be, he was a voracious reader and a pretty good writer. I’m up to his Hollywood days, when it was rumored he might’ve had ideas about joining the communist party back then, but so far he’s just married Jayne Wyman so … we shall see.

In the meantime, I'll give Ronnie this one for all those blind faithers still clinging to the Obama fiasco ...

I’ll have a review of Dutch after I finish reading it.

Bob Herbert … Fortunately for moi, there’s still one New York Times columnist who isn’t a blind faith supporter of either party … one of my journalist heroes, Bob Herbert … the last sentence in his column yesterday says it all: "Bold and effective leadership would have put us on this road to a sustainable future. Instead, we’re approaching a dead end."

Mr. Herbert was talking about the number one issue today … no; not Lady Ga-Ga, not the new sensation pitching for the Nationals and not the BP disaster in the Gulf. It was good old reliable unemployment and the lack of attention it continues to get from an administration paying way too much attention to daily polls (and perhaps still campaigning?). The cost of two absurd wars we’re still fighting but that have taken a back seat to BP and the partisan media’s sudden acceptance of American lives lost in futility are one way to fund a sorely needed jobs program, but Mr. President is busy telling Matt Lauer about the asses he’s looking to kick regarding the BP disaster. He’s in charge, he wants us to know, even though he didn’t know he’d fired (or did she quit) the head of the equally as corrupt as the porn loving SEC, the MMS.

Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up. For those who think it's all about his show of anger, take another look-see at the video. It's because he seems god damned clueless until AFTER the facts (too long to list here) why he's being called a weak leader.

The Navy … one has to wonder why the Navy was never called into action with this BP fiasco. If for nothing else, boom management, tankers that might serve to collect the oil (apparently BP only has two ships to take the oil they’ve managed to collect from the gusher), etc. Even shore patrols (cleaning up/building sandbars, etc.). It just seems to make sense to use the military in whatever way possible, but somehow they (the Navy) are never even mentioned.

Chris Matthews … brother, does this guy take the cake. Apparently ashamed of himself for giving Obama a dose of grief (every once in a very blue moon), he couldn’t stop himself the other day (the 2 minutes I watched his show) from giving Dick Cheney’s resume connections to all things BP and Halliburton. Does Matthews have a clue about who is currently the President of the United States (vs. a former Vice President) and this President’s ties to BP and Goldman Sachs (to name two)? Buddy, get over it already … it’s Obama in the driver’s seat the last 15 months and even though he didn’t know the head of MMS was fired when she was (or did she resign, he wasn’t sure during the press conference where he announced “He was in charge”) … he’s still the President right now (why we at TK give him so much shit--because he's the one in charge; the one who can "CHANGE" {for lack of a better word} things!

Get it Mr. Matthews?

Right now Dick Cheney isn’t the President. He’s not even the Vice President. And MSNBC calls that show Hardball?


And the DOC says ...

Oh, amici, even TK had to edit out some of DOC's late night rant ... madonna mia. Here's what we could keep:

There you go again, Chaz, bashing our Commander in Chief.

You don’t seem to understand that the man is busy. He can’t be running around willy-nilly addressing those issues that you feel are important. He has things to do. First, there is golf, then B-ball, Wednesday night parties, keeping Biden away from microphones, teleprompter training, Barbara Boxer fundraisers, bowing practice. Then there are vacations, weekend getaways and date nights. He gets no help from Michelle since she is running that farm at the white house that feeds six million hungry Americans every week.

Honestly, I can’t decide if he is the most evil man in America or if he is so stupid that he shouldn’t have to wear shoes.


Have a great weekend, Chazman.