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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good thoughts for Rigoletto, please ... Sunday update; Monday Update ...


Monday update: Rigoletto update: He’s got chronic disc problems and will have the very bad disc removed tomorrow late morning. The doctor felt very confident that he will recover fine, but had to warn us of a 30% chance of paralysis. If things go okay, the second phase of this involved his recovery. Because Rigs is diabetic, he cannot have steroid treatments and will have a longer, more complicated recovery.

So the sweating goes on for one more day.

MRI = $1,800.00
Insulin (while he’s in the hospital) $33, per shot x 2 a day
Overnight in hospital = $92.00

We should be flying by that $6,400.00 figure within another day or two …

We’re relieved it’s a disc that can be removed but terrified of that 30% of paralysis. And another day of waiting, without my dog and knowing he’s probably wondering “where the hell are they?” makes me nuts.

Sunday Update: They are going to do the MRI tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. Ann Marie has tomorrow off (she had to cancel her nursing barbecue today at Casa Stella because ... well yous know why) and she will go to see Rigs tomorrow afternoon for a final consultation. He has some movement and has been given pain killers. Today I'm an angry SOB and I need to stay distracted. I'll go to work tomorrow and do my best until Ann Marie calls. We were told not to visit him today because he shouldn't get excited. Rigs sleeps with us and last night was not a good one without him. I'm heading to the gym to let some steam out. I wish it was a lockup where letting out steam is a requirement. I'm that angry.

Thanks to all of you for the kind thoughts. They are very much appreciated.

Saturday, a rough day at Casa Stella ...

Please keep the kind thoughts and prayers for our pooch, Rigoletto. Yesterday when we returned from work he was limping, this morning he couldn’t move his hind legs. Ann Marie had a family function to attend so I and my stepson brought him to our local vet for X-rays. They didn’t show anything so she sent us to an animal hospital in Red Bank. There’s a chance it is some degenerative disease with his spine that can progress to paralysis and loss of his functions. Of course we’ve been beside ourselves all day.

Below is my favorite picture of Rigoletto, then Rigs and his grandniece, Lolla.

We did get some good news during the party from the hospital. He’s regained limited movement in his hind legs and a neurologist will be examining him in the morning before they do an MRI and perform the spinal surgery. The cost for this is another set of DW Drums. They can have the money, the drums and the fucking house. We want our dog back.

Honestly, this is goddamned overwhelming.

- Knucks