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Thursday, December 14, 2017

It's Bill Crider day ...

Amici: Bill Crider has been an incredible force of energy for writers everywhere, including those of us condemned to the minor leagues. He never let anything about any writers that I know of get in the way of helping them, to include politics, and lord knows I push that envelope petty far. It takes a lot of time and effort to pen book reviews, but Bill has always made the time and given the effort to do so. I once tried to review books at the same pace at which Bill turned them out, but frankly, I was too selfish to maintain the effort beyond a few months.
His Dan Rhodes series is brilliant and a lot of fun.
Bill has penned, literally, hundreds of his own books and stories. Those I read and reviewed were wonderful. I suspect they are ALL wonderful. Check out his webpage here:
I wish I could’ve met the man to personally thank him for the decency he showed me and my works. Bill is also a total humanitarian and will be missed for that even more than all he’s done for the writing community.

- Charlie Stella