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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My tomata ... One Day to Go … Bob Herbert … Mr. Apology … Unemployment … DOC says ...


These were from 7 years ago ... me and the smarter and better-looking half (that leaves me with the heavier half) ... we were married on a beach in the Bahamas (the guy did the ceremony said, “By the power vested in me by the commonwealth of the Bahamas ...” It was and remains a beautiful thing.

Obviously these were taken before I swallowed the Buick that took us home from the airport.

One Day to Go (to the end of June) … As the end of June fast approaches, one has to wonder about that oval office speech President Obama gave the day after he was “assured” by those honorable gents at BP that 90% of the spill would be corralled by the end of the month.

Hmmm … are they even close to 50% yet?

Not to worry, I’m now assured that BP will further assure President Obama for at least another half dozen prime time speeches passing along BP’s good will and intentions … honestly, those “Miss me yet” posters featuring George W. Bush ... if things get any worse, the scary answer will become “Yeah, I guess so.”

Bob Herbert ... there’s a lot of carefully worded Obama bashing here (because Mr. Herbert is an Obama supporter), but he’s also not a blind faith supporter and doesn’t see the point of playing in the political pig pen against the party that can’t change policy) ... so instead he says what needs to be said and this sums up the above-linked article pretty good: “Employment is the No. 1 issue for most ordinary Americans. Their anxiety on this front only grows as they watch teachers, firefighters and police officers lining up to walk the unemployment plank as state and local governments wrestle with horrendous budget deficits.

And what do these worried Americans see the Obama administration doing? It’s doubling down on the war in Afghanistan, trying somehow to build a nation from scratch in the chaos of a combat zone.”

Joe Barton … but so long as the Republicans continue to permit Joe Barton to remain in office, there probably isn’t much for Obama to worry about. Losing his majority surely won’t make much a difference. Mostly because he couldn’t get them to do anything anyway, but also because “six of one, half dozen of another” ... they’re both (Republicans and Democrats) useless anyway.

Unemployment … here’s another area where the GOP manages to stub its own toe; from one side of their mouths they’re crying about deficit spending and the lack of new jobs on the open market … while from the other side of their mouths they’re firmly behind the expense of the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan while telling the already unemployed, “Tough shit you’re running out of money. Go find a job!”

Is that, like, the way they (Republicans) intend to recruit for the never ending war(s) they started?

Really, what’s an out of work guy to do?


And the DOC says ...

Hey Chaz,

There’s nothing going on with politics that interests me lately.

Suddenly Petraeus is everybody’s favorite general. I seem to remember when he was Dubya’s general nobody on the left was that fond of him and that was before he became narcoleptic. I’m sure the Taliban warlords in Afghanistan got a real kick out of his recent performance.

“So Achmed, what will you do if you meet the American general on the field of battle?”

“Well, Faisal, I will walk up to him, draw my sword and ask him questions until he faints like a little girl.”

Eric Holder will not prosecute the Black Panthers on guard outside the polling place, but he will prosecute Arizona for enforcing the law. This guy is just a poorly designed muppet and I wish he would STFU and go away.

The Kagan hearings are a typical Washington Dog and Pony Show and I had little interest. Now the media is saying that Kagan is not a lesbian, so I have no interest whatsoever. This has to be an even bigger disappointment to the Bamster. He likes his nominees to have baggage. No hat boxes here, he likes big freaking steamer trunks type of baggage. I hope she is at least a communist or bombed the Pentagon at some point in her career. Otherwise, the Bamster will drop her like a bag of dirt.

Don’t get me wrong here. I have nothing against lesbians. Just the other night I was savoring a few vintage Silver Bullets (April I believe) and composed a list of things that lesbians like and things that I like. As it turns out, I may indeed be a lesbian.

In response to your disturbing Sha Na Na video, I offer you this.

Have a great week, buddy-boy