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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Each new day, a new pain ... laser-like focus? ... Professor Knucks ... DOC says ...


Yank it ... just when I’m about to run out of pain killers for the back (which has improved to about 80%), a tooth starts aching ... so I take the precautionary route and go see our local dentist (also named Stella) ... and she says, “Oh, that baby is a goner” ... so it goes (this Thursday) ... but in the meantime, Stella prescribed Stella essentially the same pain killers (percocets) for the tooth as I had for the back.

In Knucksworld, amici, that’s a focking SCORE!

Laser-like bullshit ... DOC calls him President Fredo ... I call him President Fraud ... and the Labor Department said Friday that 431,000 jobs were added in May ... but the vast majority of those were temporary workers hired by the government to conduct the 2010 Census. Private-sector employment rose by only 41,000, the smallest monthly increase since January. Without faster private-sector job growth, the U.S. faces a bumpy recovery restrained by households with little income to spend.

He’s already taken the podium to announce “No more earmarks” the day after he approved more than 9,000 of them. Then he gave us the “regulation” tour about how he was going to hold the bailed out community responsible (the day after he permitted the bailed out community to walk away from $38 BILLION in taxes on the money they borrowed from all of us) ... then he gave us the health insurance for all (and the insurance companies breathed a deep sigh of relief knowing they were guaranteed 33,000,000 new customers without going single payer--it's just more profit for the big boys and we all know how those government spending projections will turn out in the end) ... then it was the banking regulation (and the banks sighed in relief) where it took 15 months after the crisis hit to “oversee” with fugazy regulations that will impair no bank already too big to fail. And let's not get into that annoying "transparency" thingie ...

Recently it was yet another “regulation tour” regarding the government agencies too busy watching porn and accepting bribes from BP (from whom Obama received the biggest campaign contributions) and he blamed the prior administration (which we all know were in the pockets of big business, so tell us something we don't know, Professor) ... and now it’ll be a second “laser-like focus on jobs”, I suppose.

We know those institutions already bailed out aren't feeling the economic crisis ... hell, they’ve rewarded themselves with record bonuses while millions of Americans lost their wages, homes and dignity. Is that what Senators Reid and Schumer were talking about in the above video regarding the recovery that's already started?

Jobs, jobs and jobs my ass ...

I guess it just seems that this president decides to get tough just a little bit late (always AFTER the horses have left the gate). On the street, we used to call them “fantasy war stories” ... guys who’d tell you what they would’ve done “if”. The problem here (with Obama) is there is no need for an “if”. He already is the guy in charge. He is the President.

So, Knucks says: “Buddy, a little less bullshit and a lot more action. Get it the fock done or get the fock out of the way and let somebody else do it.”

And while the so-called liberal democrats continue to disregard the other options out there (i.e., Ralph Nader, et al) and continue to point their oh, so intelligent fingers at the irrelevant(s) like Sarah Palin and Rand Paul, ROME (and all the worker Romans--you and I, Amici) continue(s) to burn ...

Enough doom and gloom ... lately I’ve been reading everything from urban vampire novels to young adult and fantasy books ... and although I haven’t been able to finish a single one to date (two I put aside because they just aren’t for me), I do see where (and perhaps why) they are so popular these days. The wife issued a challenge for me to produce something better in any of the above-mentioned categories and all I could come up with was a “Knucks' Young Adult’s Guide to Craps, Assaults Without Weapons, Back Injuries and Weight Gaining”.

It starts like this: “Chapter 1: Establishing a Point; the Come-Out Roll”

Most families played Monopoly when I was a kid. Not that wild and crazy Stella family. Poppa Tommy (my Dad) taught us young and often: "You're at the table and some jamoke stands alongside you and says he never wins, you tell him go the fuck outside and step in front of a bus."

That might sound worse than it was ... he also didn't let us smoke while we played ... at least not while Momma Stella was around.

The Principessa Ann Marie said, “Maybe you should stick to crime fiction.”


And the DOC says ...

Geezus, Chaz,

You’re becoming a whiny little girl!
“My knee hurts.”
“My back hurts.”
“My teeth hurt.”
“They fired the guy who did all my work.”
“Doc is mean to me.”
“Somebody didn’t like my book.”
“The neighbors don’t like my raccoon.”

Cowboy-up, buckeroo. You’re supposed to be a tough guy.

The only laser-like focus the Bamster has is for who will be performing at his weekly “Let Them Eat Cake” party at the White House. And then Fredo lets McCartney diss Dubya while he is in the White House. How come people who can sing a song or tell a joke suddenly become experts in world affairs? Hey Paul, Bush has an MBA from Harvard. What have you got? And by the way Paul, find out who does Nancy Pelosi’s nips and tucks. You’re beginning to look like an old drag queen.

As pitiful as they are, it seems the “Created Jobs” numbers are as padded as a high school cheerleader’s bra. The census workers are complaining about constantly being fired and rehired. If a worker is fired then rehired that counts as two jobs created. Some workers said they were rehired three times… that’s four new jobs.

With the country clamoring for something different, the GOP does what it does best… the same old, same old. No primary necessary. We’re going to run the same old, same old hack that got his ass kicked by Hillary last time. This makes me think that in 2012 we’ll see McCain with a couple of flashy new ties, maybe part his hair on the other side. Sarah will have some new glasses and a push-up bra. The GOP will once again attempt to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

I saw the premiere of the History Channel’s new show “Top Shot”. It’s like “Dancing with the Stars”, but with firearms. It was pretty well done. Maybe if our elections involved some kind of shoot-off we could get that other 50% of Americans to vote.

Have a good week, Chazmeister.