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Thursday, March 17, 2011

O'Doc says ...


It's HIS (Doc's) day, so it's his platform ... oy vey gavelt.

Oh Chaz,

That’s the best part of reading Knucksline and living in Knucksworld. All the other blogs are jabbering on endlessly about Japan and Libya. In Knucksworld the current center of the universe is Metuchen, NJ.

The Dumbing Down of America

Now that evil Muppet, Eric Holder has stuck his big plastic head into the testing procedures for the Dayton police. It seems not enough minorities passed the test, so he wants the passing grade lowered to a 58%. He assumes the test was biased against minorities. How so, Eric? Were there too many questions about yachting… hockey… polo ponies? Did the minorities miss the question about where the bathroom is on a Gulfstream IV?

So you lower the standards and now every cop in Dayton will be treated like a dumbass. The arrests for drunk driving will probably skyrocket because all the drivers will be speaking very slowly and using real small words.

The upside of this will be the next time the Bamster has a “Cambridge Moment” and says, “The cops acted stupidly”. He’ll probably be right.

Burning Questions of the Week
How come Qadaffi has 19 different spellings of his name?

How come the lamestream media calls every camel-humping, bomb-throwing terrorist a “freedom fighter”, but these poor schlubs in Libya are simply “rebels”?

Wisdom from On High

The Bamster who has been noticeably silent on Libya, Japan, unemployment, rising gas prices and the dismal housing market has leapt from the shadows and given us his March Madness, college basketball picks. Thank God! I was at my wits end. Now that all executive decisions have been made he can concentrate on his upcoming and well-deserved vacation to Rio. It’s good to be king.

Happy Saint Patty’s day