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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Doc Says ... Foreign Movie Review ...


Today we start off with Doc’s continuing rant against ... teachers? Oy vey ... or maybe what he’s really pissed at is President Obama’s determination to end organized labor. What’s that you say? Yep, that’s what we say ... so we really don’t get what Doc is so upset about. Obama is doing exactly what the Republican Party dictates ... and has been doing that since he was elected.

We go from Doc to some foreign movie reviews... but here now:

The Doc says ...

Whoa Chaz… bitter much?

I’ll just be the bigger man and accept your last Knucksline as a heartfelt apology to the loveable old Docster.

Screw the teachers and the Wisconsin senators, now the citizens of Libya are waiting for Obama to prove the “iron in his words” for them. And they are not just worried about getting ptomaine poisoning from too many burgers at the Hooters in Illinois. The Libyans are worried about Hellfire missiles and the like. Trust me, they would be better advised to hide out in the Hooters in Illinois.

Consider playing a chess match with the Bamster:

The New York Times will object if he is assigned black… or white.
Rachel Maddow will declare the opponent and the timekeeper to be closet rascists.
Chris Matthews will get another thrill up his leg. (Really, how gay is that?)
The match will drag on for years as Fredo will refuse to move a single piece.
Out of frustration Fredo’s opponent will kill himself.
NPR will declare BO the winner.

Two years in and the guy is still voting “Present” against all opposition.
He’s a rock.

Have a nice week

For those poor liberal souls who didn’t recognize the “iron in your words” reference:

TK asks ... Could a Clint Eastwood (Christian Bale as Batman voice) be more corny?

Bread and Tulips ... viva Italia, what a great movie! Very highly recommended. What happens when someone (especially in a marriage) is taken for granted. Rosalba is a dutiful mom and wife forgotten on a vacation trip (for using the bathroom), but once the bus rolls away and leaves her behind and her husband blames it all on her, she rebels and decides life is too short to “stay put”. This is a funny and poignant look at several of the interesting folk Rosalba meets on her journey after she detours from heading home to Venezia (including an anarchist florist, a masseuse, a plumber turned private detective and an articulate and knowledgeable waiter with an interesting past). This is a terrific movie, a winner all the way.

Agata and the Storm ... madonna mia, the same lead and some of the same cast as up above ... and another terrific movie (gotta’ love those eye-talians) ... one funnier than the next ... this time Agata (the owner of a bookstore) can’t help but burn out the lights ... she’s involved with a younger man; her fratello (brother) isn’t really her brother ... but he’s off to find out who he really is ... and in doing so meets his real brother ... and sister-in-law ... and oy vey, the fun begins. Just check it out amici ... same director/much of the same cast as Bread and Tulips ... and much the same fun.

Elevator to the Gallows ... murder most fouled up in this French film Noir from 1958 (when I was just two years old!) ... shot in black and white (true film noir), this one wasn’t what I expected and was pleasantly surprised for the surprise. A guy having an affair with the wife of his very connected boss does the deed and gets stuck in an elevator ... one event leads to another and the dominoes fall. Worth a look for the sheer return to black and white alone. Oh, yeah ... the music is pretty splendid; provided by Miles Davis.


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