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Monday, March 21, 2011

i-Hop ... Film Reviews ... Lunch with Patti ... A Reminder ... O soave fanciulla ...


Momma Stella visited i-Hop last week ...

MS: Sonny boy, I went to I-hop last week with the director downstairs.
SB (moi): Nice. So you gave up sweets for lent too?
MS: Yeah ... what? Go scratch your ass. I gave up meat.
SB: And desserts. You told me no sweets either.
MS: What dessert? This was breakfast when we went.
SB: I’m breaking your shoes, ma. You have a good time?
MS: Oooh, sonny, I had banana pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. Mmmm, it was delicious.
SB: Good for you.
MS: So that’s for me from now on.
SB: Yes, boss. You sure the lord is okay with that around lent?
MS: Yes. Don’t start. Yes.
SB: Because I was gonna start going again to church but I’m on a diet and if I can eat like that, what’s the point?
MS: Never mind.
SB: Because if it’s okay at lent, then the wafer at mass should taste better, no? Maybe like a banana strawberry pancake.
MS: Go shit in your hat.
SB: But then you’d need two altar boys, one for the pancake and one for the whipped cream, right?
MS: Okay, time to go home now. Goodbye, pain in the ass.

I love my Mommy!

Film Reviews (foreign and domesticals):

Jaffa ... heartbreaking story of a an Arab-Israeli conflict within the confines of a small garage; the owner is an Israeli. His son and daughter work there along with two Arabs (a father and son). The daughter has a secret relationship with the young Arab (the best mechanic in the garage) and her brother, an obnoxious loser, is the cause of a tragic catastrophe complicated by politics and family. An excellent movie.

9th Company ... one of the toughest war movies I’ve ever seen. A rough and tough bunch go through a rigorous training regiment before being sent to Afghanistan ... the Mujahedeen are ready and waiting for them. If this one doesn’t convince you Afghanistan is best left alone, nothing ever will.

Behind the Lines ... A World War I tale of traumatic stress syndrome ... shell-shocked British officers fresh out of the meat grinder of the trenches try to deal with several issues amidst the madness; turning from an army of liberation into one of aggression is a particular obstacle for one officer/poet/hero. Brutally good.

City Island ... a cute Indie featuring Andy Garcia as a prison guard/actor wannabe who finds his son (from his first relationship) behind bars. Sometimes too cutesy, but fun stuff nevertheless when you have a few hours to kill. All Star cast is in prime form.

8 Mile ... this remains one of TK’s picks for all and any high schoolers (along with American History X) as must views ... the messages are noble (work hard, don’t quit, never quit, make no excuses, take responsibility) ... and the cast, upon further reflection, is wonderful ... Michael Shannon (Revolutionary Road/Boardwalk Empire) and the late Britney Murphy ... excellent.

Lunch with Patti domani at Christina’s ... Knucks visits an old hangout and very fine eatery (he once ate most of the menu ... for lunch).

Reminder ...

Johnny Porno at The Raconteur ... Hey, reserve Thursday, April 7th soon as yous can ... an evening with Knucks? Oy vey ... he’s reading from Johnny Porno in Metuchen, New Jersey ... April 7, at 8:00 p.m. at The Raconteur (April 7, 8:00 p.m.) . The Raconteur offers wine and Johnny Porno ... where half the proceeds will go towards keeping this small independent bookstore from getting crushed.

The Raconteur
431 Main Street
Metuchen, NJ 08840
(732) 906-0009

Anyone who needs a sleepover and ride to the train the next morning, write me.