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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hardball ... David Brubeck ... Matterhorn Review ... the Yets ...


It’s official, the biggest kiss-ass in the history of political television is now Chris “Hardball” Matthews ... to borrow a phrase from a more clever writer than myself, “sweet Jesus on a Vespa” ... is this guy kidding me? To listen to Matthews, President Obama didn’t collapse on Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy, he single-handedly outsmarted the Republican Party and now has them over a barrel. I haven’t heard the “professional left” get this sandbagged since it was first proclaimed the “professional left” by the White House itself.

Ignoring the fact the Democratic Party had an overwhelming majority (the same one it finally figured out how to use to push through a watered-down to nothing health care bill), you’d think it was Obama vs. the Republican Senate Majority ... except the Republicans don’t own the Senate -- just a House majority (the House majority Democrats managed to blow in two years flat).

If this guy (Matthews) was to bend over any further, he’d literally be upside down.

This is what has happened to the Democratic Party (the party of the people); it’s the Republican Party ... and why I continue to call “liberal democrats” suckers and/or “so-called liberals” ... because if the only answer they can offer the rest of us is: “It’s better than the alternative” ... they suffer from some serious short-sightedness complicated by overwhelming denial ... and perhaps most frustrating is now they've adopted the politics of "compromise" ... while the MINORITY Republicans continue to back them into their shameless hole.

For those who still insist “a third party will NEVER win the white house” ... take a better look-see at that dopey tea party and the effect they had on their true party (the GOP). You may not like them (I sure don’t), but they were more effective than the “professional left” ... because instead of ranting like fools on blogs and feeding one-liners to their choir, they removed a few of the GOP’s incumbents. What the democratic left will probably do is what Matthews had some spineless Congressman from Ohio do yesterday on his show: Stutter, cower and then quickly get back in line.

Liberals have nothing better? The guy who can quote his favorite Supreme Court cases, has written a few memoirs at a rather young age, has a Harvard law degree, a great family and undeniable charisma is now proving just as effective (sarcasm intended) as the last intellectual to sit in the White House -- the former submarine commander, Jimmy Carter (who also had issues with the “professional left”). Coincidence Matthews was a Carter speech writer?

I can’t help but think back to first burning my fingers on a radiator when I was a kid and then doing it again ... and my father saying: “Hey, putz, how’s that working out for ya?”

David Brubeck (piano) turned 90 on December 6 ... that’s a young Joe Morello on the skins ... I have a few of his books (rudiments) ... the guy can still play 1000 MPH with either hand ... Yous all know this one: Take Five ...

Matterhorn ... a tough book to read and/or put down once you start reading ... a Vietnam war novel that is moving, gritty and very frightening (40+ years down the road). This involves the Marines and the politics of the times; class, race, ambitiousness and some very sobering battle scenes that would make any parent question letting their kid go off to war while those making the tough decisions (including going to war in the first place) have little more than personal ambition invested. This book also permits former veterans of wars to maintain their well-deserved pride for doing a job they may (or may not have) believed in before (or after) their incredibly traumatic experiences in battle.

A little about the author (that will humble most other authors no end): A graduate of Yale University and a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, Karl Marlantes served as a Marine in Vietnam, where he was awarded the Navy Cross, the Bronze Star, two Navy Commendation Medals for valor, two Purple Hearts, and ten air medals. His debut novel, Matterhorn, will be published in April 2010 by Grove/Atlantic.

Rex Ryan’s funeral ... the other day, Ryan buried the game ball from Monday night's slaughter. A neat coaching trick or a distraction? At this point, what's the difference? Look, TK appreciates the humor this guy brings to the game, but he’s proved that old cliché (learned from a few high school coaches through college) “talk is cheap” ain’t just a cliché. The Yets haven’t played well since the first few games of this season. Their vaunted “defense” has yielded lots of yards and points. Their “explosive” offense has proved a dud. Until Monday night, the only aspect(s) of the game playing somewhat consistent were their special teams ... and then Monday their punter didn’t show up.

45-3 ... the Patriots aren’t THAT good (but they are very good) ... I guess I’m not so sure the Jets aren’t THAT bad. Until they win a few games in a row convincingly, Rex needs to put a plug in it or risk becoming the biggest joke in the NFL since ... well, Monday night.

Hey, Rex, instead of telling us how good your Yets are, try this approach. It seems to have worked for this fella ...