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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Doc says ... and new Reviews of Johnny Porno & Lynn Kostoff’s Late Rain ...


First, the reviews of my dopey book and Lynn Kostoff’s terrific Late Rain are up at Crimeculture.

And here’s le Doc ...
So Chaz,

You are now jumping on the bandwagon of beating up on Sarah Palin? What are you lefties so afraid of? She’s just a girl from a small town in Alaska with a pretty face, great body and a nails-on-the-blackboard voice. If Joe Lieberman ever formed a vocal group, he would have Sarah Palin as the opening act. She actually makes him sound good.

She wasn’t even the Republicans first choice. When they decided that it was the Democrats turn to be president their original pick for the presidential running mates was Abe Vigoda and Lil’ Kim. Cooler heads prevailed and they decided that Abe was a little too vibrant and they settled on John McCain.

She is currently the most powerful woman in America. She has a highly rated reality show, has a nice gig at Fox News and is the rock star of the Tea Party. Face it Chaz, her fans even got her piano-legged daughter into the Finals of Dancing With The Stars. You don’t often see legs like that on TV unless you frequent the Roller Derby channel

More importantly, she is the only person who can assure the Bamster’s victory in 2012. Personally, I’d rather see her on DWTS. At least this time, you could figure out which of the dancers is the “Star”.

Charlie Rangel got censured: Don’t be so outraged, Charlie. Most people who did what you did end up in Ossining with a roommate named Big Frankie. If you want to know what that’s like, get stuck in the congressional elevator, over the weekend, with Barney Frank.

Wikileaks: I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. It’s good to air out the dirty laundry once in a while. Hillary actually stated that while she was making apologetic phone calls to her peers in other countries, one of them said, “Don’t feel bad. You should hear how we talk about you.”

Of course, I would expect the little hump who released the 250,000 secret documents to be executed under the treason laws. For good measure let’s throw in the officer who gave the aforementioned little hump access to those records.

The Bamster visited our troops in Afghanistan because:

1) He wanted to show his admiration of America’s warriors.
2) He wanted to be out of town when the latest unemployment figures hit.

Which one do you think?

Have a good week, Knuckster