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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Got Juice? ... Mr. Met ... Fava Beans ... Mr. Herbert ... batting 300 in Pakistan ... DOC says ...


A-Fraud ... Alex (I didn’t know what I was taking, but I sure hit a lot of home runs while I was taking it ... and I got to nail Madonna!) Rodriguez has hit home run number 600. Or, to be more realistic, he’s hit home run number 17 this season (of his anabolic discontent). Wait, superstar only has 17 home runs this season ... but how can that be? Didn’t Barry Bonds hit more and more homers as he got older and older? A-Fraud just epitomizes the organization he plays for; nothing is real. Everything is bought and paid for, except sometimes the fazools don’t work and they don’t get to buy a ring anyway.

A-Fraud? We don’t need no stinkin’ A-Fraud. We don’t need no (more) stinkin’ steriods.

Let’s Go Mets!

My old man took me to my first Mets game when box seats were $3.50 and I got to see Willie Mays hit an in the park homerun (he flew around those bases) and Willie McCovey launched one over the 410 sign in center field (on a rope). My Dad’s Giants beat my Mets 6-2, but I loved seeing professional baseball players giving 100% for 9 innings. That’s when baseball was baseball ... starting pitchers often threw in excess of 250 innings ... the only juice they took came out of a bottle of Seagrams or Rheingold ... kids could save milk cartons and go to a game where the players were expected to (and did) run it out or sit on the bench ... players usually stayed with the team that brought them and team loyalty was sacrosanct.

Brett Favre beans ... he’ll be back ... again ... or the Vikings will have to develop a kid they can have a future with. Last year was just about as miraculous as they come for Favre and the Vikings. It won’t happen again this year and I suspect Favre knows it, but he’ll show up and they’ll make the playoffs again ... and take an early exit again ... and then he’ll retire again ... again.

Bob Herbert on the War(s) … "July was the deadliest month yet for American troops in Afghanistan. Sixty-six were killed, which was six more than the number who died in the previous most deadly month, June. The nation is paying little or no attention to those deaths, which is shameful. The president goes to fund-raisers and yuks it up on “The View.” For most ordinary Americans, the war is nothing more than an afterthought."

Again, Mr. Herbert, an Obama supporter, doesn’t let Fredo off the hook by knocking wingnuts or defending this idiotic presidency without reservation. For Mr. Herbert, Fredo may be the lesser of the two evils, but at least he applies the pressure (which Fredo, due to that unrelenting blind faith loyalty that claims it is against Republicans more than for the Democrats, gets to ignore as much as the media (WHERE IS ALL THE WAR ANGST?) ignores the war(s)).

So it goes.

300 assassinations in one year in Pakistan ... great, another society hell bent on self-destruction we can’t involve ourselves enough with. This mess is going to change into a western democracy, too? Right, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.

For DOC ...


And the DOC says ...

Hey Chaz,

We’re getting a mega mosque at Ground Zero. We have a new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The same sex marriage ban has been banned. The unemployment numbers are (surprisingly) up again. And what are we covering in TK… sports. No wonder our readership numbers are only slightly better than the New York Times and Newsweek. And we don’t even publish military secrets. As a side note, at any point will this become Permanent Knucksline? We have been “temporary” longer than a government entitlement program.

The Bamster has been lecturing us all week about how wonderful it is to have diversity on the Supreme Court. Personally, I don’t see it. Kagan just seems to be a less attractive, gringo version of Sotomayor. Obviously, Fredo was talking about gender diversity. It seems that the only time gender diversity is not a good thing is in a marriage.

The location for the mega mosque at Ground Zero was determined to not warrant landmark status. The other 20+ buildings on that block all have landmark status, but not that one. That was our last argument to stop it, so NY will need to resort to the “Docster Defense”. Tell Achmed that he can build his mosque, but due to union zoning regulations all heating/AC and ductwork will have to be installed by Mossad Heating & Cooling Company. Somewhere around October when the heat comes on and all 13 floors smell like bacon they’ll get the joke.

I think I have addressed this before, but I’ll come to A-rod’s defense one more time. If you are banging Madonna like a screen door in a windstorm, you need steroids. It also wouldn’t hurt to be taking some weapons-grade penicillin.

Since it’s Friday, let’s take one more shot at the religion of peace.

Have a great weekend