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Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama’s week ...


First there was the slap down of The Donald and all his other GOP potential 2012 opponents. It was Obama at his best; self deprecating, sharp, witty and pretty devastating. The follow up by Seth Myers was even better.

Obama and his comedian buddy kicked ass.

Then came the bigger news, the news that matters. After a presidency Temporary Knucksline has had little to no use for, President Obama did in 3 years what 8 years of George Bush’s incompetence (including starting a second war that had nothing to do with Bin Laden) could not accomplish. This President deserves major kudos for this accomplishment (and it is an accomplishment).

It also guarantees his second term. There’s nothing the GOP can do after The Donald made fools of their party (tea partiers included), some lunatics at FOX tried to question the long form birth certificate anyway, and now that Bin Laden is dead.

Obama and our Special Ops Forces (that Seal Team) kicked ass.

I’ll still not vote for a President who supported Wall Street at our expense. I’ll still not excuse his ignoring union workers in Wisconsin. I’ll never forgive his lack of consideration for workers in his bailout ... but I also won’t kid myself. In a country where reality TV rules the airwaves while our education system continues to crumble, I expect nothing different come 2012; libertarian and socialist candidates will be ignored during the debates, as will the most liberal and conservative mainstream party candidates.

Mr. Obama just won reelection. At least it was for a good reason; an actual accomplishment. Temporary Knucksline thanks him most sincerely.