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Friday, May 6, 2011

GLEE - Season Two (Brittany v. Puck) ... Cinco De Mayo ... is UBL really dead?


Hey, make fun all yous want, the first disc of Season Two arrived the other day and we were on it like the Seals on Bin Laden. The boss popped it in while we feasted on some serious barbecued steak. It was a most productive day for the ugly one; 63 minutes of aerobics, 4,000+ words on a novel, a good 2 hours of rewriting a play, at least two hours of torturing political blog sites (left & right alike) and about an hour of reading the Pulitzer Prize Winner for Fiction in 2010, A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. So, add Glee to the mix and forgetaboutit ... paradiso.

The first disc had the first 4 episodes of Season Two. Auditions for new Glee members (1) because Puck is now a juvie(?) ... the hottest episode (2) features Brittany/Brittany (madonna mia, that kid can dance) ... three is grilled Cheeses (Jesus), fun, but then Kurt’s Dad suffers a heart attack and finally Duets (episode 4) ... Brittany’s lines are dynamite, her words of wisdom inspire ... and personally I think she should run for President. The boss is very upset there wasn’t much Puck thus far (what you get for liking badasses, honey) ... so now we mail the first disc back and await the second (episodes 5-8) ... life, like Brittany, is beautiful ...

The wife went to work depressed about Puck (the wannabe) but the ugly one is smiling ear to ear because Brittany will be asked (begged, really) to serve in the Curmudgeon Administration as anything she wants.

Cinco De Mayo ... we celebrated last night at our favorite Mexican Restaurant in beautiful downtown Woodbridge ... Garibaldi Restaurant, 96 Main St # B, Woodbridge, NJ 07095-2886. The ugly one has now leaped back to the 325 (maybe more) ... what’s up with that?

OBL/UBL ... or just plain Bin Laden ... is he or isn’t he dead? TK has come up with a way for the good old US&A to cut the national debt while simultaneously satisfying all the loons (mostly on the right) who might think Bin Laden’s death was staged. Aside from the fact this country has ZERO ability to maintain secrets (i.e., see Nixon, Clinton, Reagan, et al), the number of people required to maintain a conspiracy such as those whackjobs (mostly on the right) are suggesting would be GINORMOUS (and a guarantee somebody would spill the beans {for the gelt} and the best laid plans of Mice and Men would not only go awry, they’d go global). It wasn’t bad enough the GOP made fools of themselves over the birth certificate. Now they want to make fools of themselves of the most wanted person in the world’s death.

Here’s how to satisfy everyone AND cut our national debt: Pay-per-view of the entire operation. You know this thing was filmed (we know from the video of Bin Laden’s bloody bedroom -- it was videoed) ... helmet cams are the new thing (being used for QB’s in the NCAA--QB helmet Cams) ... so, charge $100 per household and forgetaboutit ... goodbye big chunk of the national debt. I know I’d buy it. I’m pretty sure most of the holier than thous out there who don’t want to view violence of any kind would probably buy it too.

Okay, that’s the Curmudgeon Party’s launching pad for the 2012 Presidential Elections. All the bullshit going on in Congress between two parties with a dirty pubic hair between them (one is one dirty pubic hair to the left of the other) and a certified putz like myself comes up with a capitalist way (via socialism) to cut the deficit. The state will have owned the means of production (Navy Seals), the weapons and cameras used, as well as distribution (FOX) ... bada-boom, bada-bing. I bees a genius.

The Bills may sign Randy Moss ... Oh, Mother of Mercy ... say it ain’t so ...