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Friday, May 27, 2011

Need Juice? ... Alma Mahler ... two more foreign flicks ... NY-26 ...

Need Juice? ... Try this (below). You aren’t psyched by the crescendos, you’ve already died ...

Aphrodisiac or just nice music to bump uglies by? Nah, nothing to do with sex, but a whole lot to do with despair ... it gets a mention in the first line of my attempt at a literary novel, mostly because of the scribbling the composer attached to the sheet music ... Alma wasn’t being faithful and Gustav found out ... “Du allein weisst was es bedeutet!” (You alone know what it means). A reference to the shared experience the couple had with a funeral march--a drum beat specifically.

Human Resources ... a kid returns from school to work as a trainee in Human Resources for the same factory his father has been working at for 30 years ... the 35 hour workweek is the issue ... the politics are ruthless and although there are few surprises, it was a good reminder of why greed isn’t good ...

Russian Dolls ... a fun movie crossing many borders ... good stuff ... as in funny and heartwarming and a nice break in the pace.

Need Politics? NY-26 was a resounding call to back the fock off to the tea party and the GOP (but will the GOP ever find the guts to tell the tea party to fock off?) If they can’t win in their own backyard, it’s gonna be even uglier in 2012.

Democrat Kathy Hochul came from behind in the campaign's last weeks to defeat GOP nominee Jane Corwin, 48 percent to 42 percent. Tea party candidate Jack Davis took 8 percent of the vote.

The problem is “their” message was never representative of the entire country. Yes, the entire country (or most of it) is fed up with ALL the politicians (Democrats and Republicans alike) in D.C. who represent corporation interests and their own skins before any of us, but going the “give them more freedom to do so” mentality has finally scared enough on the right to realize all this talk of “freedom” has little to do with their liberty and a whole lot more to do with the profits attainable by those who already have the gelt to work with.

The problem is their numbers continue to shrink, as does their viability and credibility ... and their spirited appeals to an ideology rather than problem solving more often than not makes them look downright silly.

In fact, the resounding response in NY-26 is pretty similar to the rest of the civilized country ... and here it is: