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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Doc says ...


He's back from his five or six day (drinking binge) respite ... and he's not happy about the foreign film reviews ... or anything else, it seems. Here he is now, le Doc ...

Jayzus, Chaz,

What the Hell is going on? I go on a bender for a few days and look what happens. We’re doing film reviews from Uzbeckistan. Who the fuck cares? We used to be a hard-hitting news blog. Now we do foreign film reviews with a little bit of sports. Give me and the Principessa a little gardening spot and we’ll be NPR on the weekend (minus the communists).

“We don’t spike the football.” Yeah, but we’re certainly not averse to walking around with it for a week or two. You would think Fredo busted the cap on Osama himself. I decided/my plan/my decision/my men/I thought/I said. This jerkoff has an ego bigger than your pizza bill. Not that I knock it. I hope he gets a good taste of this and decides to knock off a couple more terrorists next week.

Meanwhile, the guys who got the information that bagged Osama are still up on charges. Fredo don’t believe in water-boarding. Fredo believes in shooting unarmed men in the face. That gives you a 3% boost in the polls.

And what’s this shit about washing his body for 45 minutes? You know those Navy guys were stapling slabs of bacon to his chest and stuffing his pockets with pork rinds.

On a melancholy note, there are a bunch of love-starved goats in Pakistan crying themselves to sleep tonight.

On The Homefront I’m glad to hear that your exercise regimen is going well. I was devastated when the doctor diagnosed you with that flesh-eating disease and gave you only 125 years to live.

Stay strong, Kahuna

For all you outlaw country amicis (I’m guessing… Michelle)