Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Cider House Rules … Game 5 Tonight … Common Sense …

The Cider House Rules (John Irving) ... I’m close to finished with the novel and I don’t’ want it to end. It is VERY different from the movie (scripted from the book). For the first time in many a book, I saw the movie after starting to read the novel, and I was immediately struck by the differences. Okay, it’s a long book, as Mr. Irving’s books are wont to be, but it is magnificent social commentary on abortion, orphanages/orphans, both race and class relations. It is ultimately a didactic book, and the lessons it teaches are profound. No matter which side of the abortion argument you may reside, this book deals with both sides brilliantly.

A more detailed review in the upcoming weeks. I’m enjoying the read way too much to speed the trip. If you happen to watch the movie first (most probably have), know that there is a ton left out and changed for the expediency of film. Trust me on this … read the book.

Here’s a passage I made a point of marking in my kindle (how I wish I’d ordered the paperback). Dr. Larch writing to Franklin Roosevelt: “I thought that freedom of choice was obviously democratic—was obviously American!” he types feverishly. “Is it a democratic society that condemns people to the accident of conception? What are we—monkeys? … Couples who are well-to-do usually want their babies,” he writes in a letter to President Roosevelt. “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE POOR? Forty-two percent of the babies born to parents living in poverty are unwanted.”

Larch goes on to comment on the hypocrisy of those who condemn abortions on the one hand, then refuse aid to orphans (i.e., welfare) after they’re born (usually into poverty). The polar moral standards in those kinds of social mores would leave Jesus (if you need to believe) weeping.

Anyway, it’s a fascinating read. This is the fourth or fifth Irving novel I’ve read this year … obviously it won’t be the last.

Stay tuned for more on this brilliant novel.

Watch the movie ... but read the book …

Get it here:

Game 5 tonight … we’ll, they say the King rebounded from the 12 goals in 2 games shellacking the Lightning dealt him, and he may well have rebounded, but let’s face it, the hockey Gods were looking down on him and his teammates in the first and second periods, where a few of our shots rang off the post and were thrown high over an open net. Not to mention a shot “headed for Miami” (Mike Milbury’s words, not mine) that kicked off a defender's skate and wound up in the net against the Bolts … or the “tap it in” rebounds the Strangers had. So it goes … the favored Strangers are cocky again. The cheap shot by Kevin Hayes on Tyler Johnson (hitting him in the ribs with a stick) should’ve earned him a suspension, but maybe another freight train hit by Stamkos on Hayes is what he really needs (when Hayes was left staring into space in game 3 after Stamkos made him a hood ornament).


Brady, Hillary and Bill O’Reilly … vs. COMMON SENSE ... NBC sent Brian Williams packing for his tall tale about taking RPG fire while on a helicopter in the Middle East … but our great land of the pathetically uninformed is going to allow a woman with a much worse reputation (regarding lies) run for President (again), despite her tall tale about taking “sniper fire” in Bosnia.

And over at FOX “News” (really?), Bill O’Reilly, who has already settled a sexual harassment case out of court (to keep his reputation from being further soiled), is going to use the same tactic as Hillary and Tom Brady (of the New England Asterisks), which is to attack the accusers, hold back ALL AND ANY INFORMATION (whether refusing to turn them over {Brady}, or destroying the server they were on {Hillary}, or just accusing the attackers, including his own daughter who claims she witnessed Big Bill (O’Reilly) engage in wife beating and dragging his wife by her neck down a flight of stairs).
Vast right, left and NFL conspiracies, don’t you know …

No matter what common sense suggests in all three of the above incidents, nothing will stop any of the three from moving on with nothing more than a blip in their screen of life. Why that happens speaks more to a country that has grown accustomed (and comfortable) trying to survive the day-to-day battle most Americans find themselves in--the one that involves surviving at all costs (including the cost of being informed). The Oligarchs are winning, amici … it’s time to chug-a-lug some espresso and wake the fuck up.


"It always seems impossible until it's done." -- Nelson Mendela

Your cheatin' heart
Will make you weep
You'll cry and cry
And try to sleep
But sleep won't come
The whole night through
Your cheatin' heart will tell on you...

When tears come down
Like falling rain
You'll toss around
And call my name
You'll walk the floor
The way I do
Your cheatin' heart will tell on you...

Your cheatin' heart
Will pine some day
And crave the love
You threw away
The time will come
When you'll be blue
Your cheatin' heart will tell on you...

When tears come down
Like falling rain
You'll toss around
And call my name
You'll walk the floor
The way I do
Your cheatin' heart will tell on you...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A poem by Knucklespeare … DOGFELLA!


Bishop Checks King

Once upon a midnight dreary,
while the King pondered weak and weary;
Over many a blowout loss before;

While he crouched there nearly napping,
Suddenly there came a trapping;
As of someone shooting, slapping;
Pucks into the netting galore!

‘Twas Tyler Johnson’s Hat Trick,
Doc Emrick yelling, SCORE!

Merely that, and then three more.

Ah, distinctly I remember,
One of their two came off a defender,
Yet Bishop was Stellar again in goal;

The Strangers were reeling;
their defense revealing;
that five vs. three equaled one Bolts score.

Quote Knucklespeare:
No force on ice can stop Killer Killorn!

We gave one away, but the series is tied,
On to Tampa now we fly;
Where on home ice we were best for sure.

For game three we’ll heal;
The advantage we’ll steal;
And the Strangers will feel;
As if they were wronged.

Quote Knucklespeare:
Momma Stella’s Malochhio, forevermore!



Save the animals! Nobody does it like THE DOGFELLA!

Go get this book, amici! Click on this link and pre-order now. 



Friday, May 15, 2015

The Asterisks respond … Too big to fail … The Cider House Rules … DOGFELLA … RIP Mr. B.B. King …


The Asterisks respond … want a good laugh? Read the Asterisks’ version of life on planet Brady. The New England football team has now officially gone from Patriots to Cheatriots to the Asterisks. Let’s look at the bullet points (as a teaser) to this in-house “report.”

The Wells’ Report dismisses the science … Right, the “science” affected one side of a football field, but not the other. Sure.

Or maybe this will make more common sense … creationists beware … Bill Nye explains it all:

The text messages were about weight loss … Since before the season began, the “Deflator” meant the guy accused of letting air out of the balls was talking about losing weight (Jenny Craig?) and not letting air out of the footballs … even though he references how (“Fuck Tom”) Brady was pissed off about getting balls that were over-inflated (i.e., the proper psi). Not to mention the fact that the Asterisks themselves suspended both ball-boys without pay (not the league’s doing) … for telling jokes? Well, those two fatsos should probably retain a labor lawyer themselves, no? Or write a tell-all book … again, I’m available.

There is no evidence that Tom Brady preferred footballs that were lower than 12.5 psi and no evidence anyone even thought that he did. All the extensive evidence which contradicts how the texts are interpreted by the investigators is simply dismissed as “not plausible.” Inconsistencies in logic and evidence are ignored. Wow, what can one say, except: So, why didn’t Brady turn over his phone text messages and emails? Why did the Asterisks not allow McNally and Jastremski to accept follow-up interviews?

What the Asterisks did with their “report” was nothing more than play to their base of fans in New England and insult everyone else’s intelligence. Let’s face it, it isn’t so different than something FOX news did in defense of Bill O’Reilly’s several fabrications of his journalistic experiences.

Bottom line: The Asterisks, and especially Tom Brady, have Donald Trump on their side. They’ve taken a page from Hillary Clinton’s playbook (attack the accusers and finders of FACT) … remember the vast right wing conspiracy? Well, this is a vast NFL conspiracy … and now that Robert Kraft’s dinner guest, Roger Goodell, has taken on the appeal process, it’ll be interesting to see how the NFL Commissioner handles it. It’s bad enough Coach Bill BeliCHEAT wasn’t given the same sentence as Sean Payton, a one-year suspension, for not knowing “what he should have known” (Goodell’s excuse for suspending Payton over bountygate) but sometimes a dinner can go a lot further than you think …

Too Big to Fail … Politics aside, let’s look at how a few of the wealthiest companies treat their employees and why so many workers are finding themselves hanging on by a very thin string.
Walmart sits atop the Fortune 500 club … their net sales totaled $473.1 billion, up 1.6% from the year-earlier period. Not bad, especially if you’re a stockholder … except, of course … according to Forbes, Walmart’s low-wage workers cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $6.2 billion in public assistance including food stamps, Medicaid and subsidized housing, according to a report published to coincide with Tax Day, April 15.

One could come up with a pretty good argument against our economic system … but then we’d be called Marxists, wouldn’t we? Godless, Pinko, Heathens looking to steal what isn’t ours (because when Apple pays Chinese workers $0.19 an hour, it has everything to do with how hard their board of directors had to work to find such a good and profitable labor deal?) Does that qualify them (technically) as having “earned” their humongous slice of the profit pie? Is it justifiable that the millions/billions earned (or is it stolen?) from the poor bastards doing the actual work (for as little as $245.00 per month) is considered legal? … let’s see how the math on that works out … $245.00 divided by the average Chinese workday (in hours), which is 12 hours x 6 days = just about $.93 cents an hour.
By the way, this is why the CEO’s who drafted the TPP deal for themselves (with President Obama’s blessing and attempt to “fast track” it through Congress and up the American workers’ collective asses) were so anxious to see it happen. Wonder why American manufacturing fled the country? DO THE MATH …

This has little to do with small businesses, by the way. Socialists like myself have no problem with people starting a business and growing a business. It’s when a business becomes a corporation so big, or is swallowed by one, and becomes too big to fail when workers find themselves in a no win situation. And small businesses that remains independent can ever be too big to fail. Wall Street gambled and lost and taxpayers bailed them out (without the benefit of precluding the CEO’s who authored the failures giving themselves record bonuses). Since the 2007-8 bailouts, the banks that survived had grown and consolidated their power/stranglehold over our political system and those it’s supposed to represent.

The inevitability factor … when government works for corporations the way it has here in America, the outcome is inevitable (i.e., even the most limited forms of government sponsored capitalism {never mind corporatism}, had to (and has) lead to a very small percentage of the population gathering the vast majority of its wealth). One way to redistribute what is essentially unjustifiable wealth (because how can any one man “earn” what amounts to 22,255 times pay of average worker? is to 1) return to a 90% top marginal tax rate. Following World War II tax increases, top marginal individual tax rates stayed near or above 90%. When one considers the lack of equity between investor salaries vs. workers, what’s the problem with that figure (outside of greed)?

Aside from the obvious oligarchy our so-called democracy has turned itself into, whereby the most wealthy in the country (i.e. 0.1%), via Citizens United (Citizens United was the culmination of years of work by James Bopp to chip away at the nation's campaign-finance regulations), buy government representation via campaign contributions that exceed both common sense and morality, the taxpaying public finds itself working harder for less pay (more production/less reward).
Is that what flag waivers mean by American Exceptionalism? If those at the top reap exceptional benefits on the backs of those on the bottom, I guess the flag waivers are right after all.

And a damn shame it is too.

The Cider House Rules … I’m reading this John Irving masterpiece before returning to some crime fiction reviews … it’s as superb as the other Irving novels I’ve read (all in the last year) … funny, poignant and ultimately heartbreaking, the story of Homer Wells and his life inside and outside of an orphanage is wonderful. Irving handles the abortion issue with absolute brilliance.

“Good night you princes of Main, you Kings of New England.”

Over time that line will make you cry.

Last night I cheated and watched the movie last night … but it veers a bit from the novel … making me continue to read with all the more enthusiasm.



The Thrill is Gone … 


Wednesday, May 13, 2015


“Get it out of there,” I was saying every time the Expos made it across our blue line last night. “Now, don’t let them breathe. Stay on them. Don’t let them breathe.”

And that’s pretty much what happened last night in Game 6. Our Bolts played the kind of relentless hockey that has to be rewarded. For the last two nights, pretty much every hockey analyst I watched gave all the credit in the world to a team the Bolts had beaten 8 out of 10 games this past year (last night made it 9 out of 11). I had to hear about Carey Price and his upcoming awards (MVP and Vezina) … he’s the greatest goalie in the world! Somehow these same analysts managed to forget that our guy, Ben Bishop, has beaten Price 8 consecutive times (5 regular season games and the first 3 playoff games).
I also had to hear about P.K. Subban and the running of his mouth … and I couldn’t help but think back to what a high school football coach used to tell us when our football team talked trash: “Talk is cheap.”

It certainly is … and it was last night.

I have to say I was very confident about Game 6 last night. I’m only a hockey enthusiast the past 4 years or so (it might be 3.5) … it started with a co-worker Sue Bennett’s dedication to the Rangers (Ranger paraphernalia surrounding her desk, etc.); she egged me on to watch. So did a dear friend and terrific author, Dana King (a Penguins fan). He kept telling me “there’s hitting in this, Charlie. You’ll love it.”

I watched and quickly became a Ranges fan, but mostly because of the Rangers’ Captain at the time, Ryan Callahan. His relentless work ethic stood out. He made me keep watching. He made me want to learn the game. Callahan is the kind of player any fan would appreciate—a player who gives 100%, 100% of the time. Just about every team has a guy like Callahan. Those that don’t wish they did.
After becoming a fan during the regular season, I watched my first hockey playoff games (Strangers-Crapitals, believe it or not) … and I learned that the playoffs and the regular season are two very different animals. What I loved about the sport, however, was the class shown at the end of each game (players saluting fans), and the fact that teams shook hands (after trying to kill each other) once a playoff series ended.

Once the infamous trade was made, as a socialist, I really didn’t have much of a choice. Players (unless they’re assholes) come first in my world. I’d become a hockey fan because of Callahan and I was sticking with him. So, it was off to Tampa Bay … literally, the wife and I flew down for games 2-4 back in October … my first live hockey game in what had to be 25 or more years. And were we treated to some fun or what? We were there when our Bolts destroyed the same Hab Nots, 7-1 … with Stamkos scoring a hat trick and Cally putting one in the net directly below where we were sitting. He skated around the mouth, P.K. Subban, and left the goalie holding his jock.

I’ll admit it, I’m a dinosaur. I’ve been fed up with NFL football for a long time now. The chest beating, trash talking, “me, me, me” attitudes turn me off. Watching my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills put up with Stevie Johnson a few years ago, a wide receiver with way more dramatic drops to his career than catches, required I find something new to obsess over. Johnson was finally traded, but nothing much has changed in the NFL. With all the available talent in and around the NFL, why would any team put up with the kind of crap that makes old farts like me turn to the AMC channel?

Last year probably did it forever for me. The Oakland Raiders had to call a timeout because two of their idiot defenders were still celebrating a sack while the offense ran to the line of scrimmage and were about to call a play (what would’ve been a freebee for the Raiders being offside—the “sackers” were ten yards behind the line of scrimmage AND THE OFFENSE!) … well, that pretty much did it for me. If the game doesn’t respect itself enough to can that level of bullshit, so be it.

The fact I’ve seen that same shit in Pop Warner leagues and high school football is all the more depressing. Instead of teaching kids how to win with class, the system seems to have accepted teaching them to be me-firsters. Remember when a guy made a tackle, got up, and then hustled back to the defensive huddle (rather than turn to one sideline or the other, beat his chest, and declare himself the King of the World)? I remember one of the Moonachie Green (Jets) all-stars last year doing something as dumb as that after a sack in a game they were losing by 20 points. I hope Coach Rex Ryan left that level of horseshit in Moonachie now that he’s in Buffalo.

ESPN has destroyed more than one sport with highlights that play to the selfish antics of opportunists. So be it. I now look much more forward to October than September. While the NFL turns into the WWWE, I turn to hockey. Quoting that same high school coach: “It’s as simple as that.”

So, back to hockey … last night the Bolts came out jumping and they didn’t let the Expos breathe … they kept them from crossing the blue line … they took pucks away when the Expos did manage to get one deep … and they passed pucks out as quick as (dare I say it?) LIGHTNING. In before and after game interviews, Bolts players across the board professed a solid tribute to a hockey warrior, Ryan Callahan. The post-game analysis mentioned what John Tortorella said a few years back: “You don’t win championships without guys like Ryan Callahan.”

He suffered appendectomy surgery Monday night and there were some musings about him possibly playing last night (24 hours after his surgery?). Thankfully, it was just Coach Cooper playing with the press. More hopefully, Callahan will be back in time for some part of the Final series, which may well be against his former team, the New York Strangers. The Bolts were 3-0 against the Strangers this season, and Callahan scored 4 goals against his former teammates.

Last night was an impeccably played game by our Bolts, and except for one very lucky bounce off the glass that eventually found our net, we didn’t let the Expos breathe.

Tonight we learn who our next opponent will be … either the Strangers or the Crapitals. Something tells me we’ll be ready for either of the two.

And if things get a little rough, we always have Momma Stella’s Malocchio …

Listen to my man, Crazy Dave Mishkin, call the highlights from last night:


To the Expos … this year, the Hab Nots …

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Mercy of the Night … Deflategate Report … No Beast So Fierce …

The Mercy of the Night, by David Corbett … ten years ago she escaped an abduction … now she’s caught in yet another hellish nightmare, except this time she’s got an escape plan. And if she finds herself short a couple grand, there’s always Fireman Mike to the rescue.

That’s my teaser … the story centers around Jacqi Garza, a kid from a home life that would make a violently dysfunctional home seem like paradise. She’s gone from an abducted child from a horrible home life, to a hooker working the streets, to the primary witness to a brutal murder. Enter Phelan Tierney, a self-imposed retired lawyer turned private investigator, and tutor to wayward kids. He wants to help Jacqi. He’d been tutoring her for a GED at a rehab house. He realized she had genuine potential along with a natural ability working with numbers. Tierney isn’t the type to give up, but Jacqi is a lightning rod for trouble, some of it pretty nasty. Enter that Fireman Mike guy … and Jacqi’s incredibly cold and cruel Mother … her mother’s gangster boyfriend … the men he employs … the 50 or so other witnesses, some of them participants, to the murder Jacqi witnessed … and yous get the picture.

Phelan has a love interest, Cass, the nurse who took care of his wife while she suffered through the cruelty of cancer. Cass wants more than Phelan can sometimes muster (or let go of); the ghost of his dead wife haunts their relationship. And Cass knows when Phelan sinks his teeth into something (to help someone), it’s unlikely he’ll let go. Will it end what they have … or do they just think they have more than is possible under the circumstances.

There’s also a decent cop who made a mistake that involved Jacqi. He’s getting paranoid about it coming back to haunt him … his career, his pension, everything----he can lose it all. And at home, he’s got his own problems; an artistic son with drawings that have gotten him into the shit at school.

Social commentary abounds, and it’s always clever and poignant. Corbett keeps the pace moving, sometimes delving back to the night Jacqi escaped, to the night Phalen’s wife died (from both Phelan and Cass’s perspective), to the things Jacqi wasn’t forthright about ten years ago.

Corbett is a brilliant writer and he’s penned another wonderfully intelligent page turner. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Tanto la vita! Indeed.

Deflategate … as reported in the Washington Post this week: “But under league guidelines, the NFL doesn’t have to catch Brady in the act of ordering the deflation,” MMQB’s Peter King wrote Thursday morning. “Goodell and NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent, who is also reviewing the case for discipline, could rely on the ‘preponderance of the evidence’ that ‘the fact sought to be proved is more probable than not,’ according to the league’s policy on integrity of the game.”

According to longtime General Manager and NFL insider, Bill Polian: “Guilty.”

You’d have to be pretty na├»ve and/or a stubborn MF’er to believe for a second that Tom Brady didn’t tell the ball boys he’ll most likely attempt to throw under the bus (what everyone has always assumed from jump street regarding Deflategate) to deflate the balls. The text messaging between them, the fact Brady lied and said he didn’t know one of the two, and the fact Brady refused to share his phone messages … well, does anyone really believe O.J. didn’t kill his ex-wife and Ron Goldman? Too far a stretch (criminal activity vs. cheating)? How about does anyone really believe the world is flat?
While Cheatriot loyalists, much like Democratic loyalists, ignore the corruption that envelops their two heroes (Tom Brady and Hillary Clinton), it seems they’re sharing the same playbook (keep the truth to themselves, ZERO transparency, and point to the lack of a smoking gun--as if a mountain of circumstantial evidence isn’t enough to find guilt). Kind of like FOX news: “What facts? We don’t need no stinkin’ facts!”).
In the meantime, the rest of the world points to the little thingy above the 8 on U.S. keyboards … and although I’ve said many times (including publicly) that I thought Brady and Montana were the two best ever quarterbacks, at least of those I’ve seen, I now remove Mr. Cheaterface from the pairing and Montana owns it … because he earned it.
As far as I’m concerned, just like the cheaters in MLB and any other sport, Brady’s career, along with the Cheatriots so-called Championships, are as credible as A-Fraud passing the great WILLIE MAYS … and pretty much anything these losers did while juiced: Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire’s, Sammy Sosa (the list is way too long to keep typing) …

And for their cheating ways, they get one of those ... forever.

And then there’s the Bolts vs. Expos … we can end it tomorrow, put the Bad Bagels out of their collective misery … or we can toy with them again and bring them back to Tampa for the beating we now owe them. We shall see … but Rigoletto will be in uniform (without being kidnapped by his Mommy this time) … GO BOLTS!

Richard III
Lady, you know no rules of charity,
Which renders good for bad, blessings for curses.
Villain, thou know’st not law of God nor man.
No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity.

No Beast So Fierce is also a terrific book by the late Eddie Bunker. Get it here:


From Tosca (and The Mercy of the Night) … Pavarotti singing E lucevan le stelle …

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Game 7 … Dave Mishkin … Merle Drown (free flash fiction) … Mike Callahan (published) … Baltimore … a TK game of Thugs … Special Prosecutors … St. Hillary … Obama’s TPP backdoor move (i.e., a Koch Brothers Wet Dream) …

GAME 7: All I can say is, “Whew!” While the wife played in Harry Potter land, it was me and Rigoletto left to BE THE THUNDER at Casa Stella Wednesday night. The poor creature is blind as a bat and was in a bit of shock when Cally fed Coburn the game winner early in the 3rd Period … suffice it to say, Momma Stella could hear me in Staten Island.

Rigoletto looked left, right, back and forth, and must’ve thought: How did they ever let this lunatic out of a nuthouse when he was a kid?

The ultimate compliment … so, early on in the game, I’m not sure if it was Mike Emrick who said it, but the description went something like this: “Callahan is a Pitbull behind the net.” The wife constantly calls me a pitbull (because I refuse to lose an argument … and some other stuff) … it’s an honor to be considered a Cally wannabe! Tenaciousness, baby. That’s what it’s all about.

And now it’s on to the inferior bagel town, Montreal, to seek revenge for last year’s sweep (when we didn’t have Ben Bishop in goal) … this year the Bolts were 5-0 vs. the Expos, but the game has proven to me that the playoffs are a very different animal. All I know is I can’t wait until this one starts … so, GO BOLTS!
Dave Mishkin … I used to love Sam Rosen’s voice (still do), but Dave Mishkin has the best hockey voice in the world … EVER. Listen to these calls. A little past midway is the start of the Bolts first goal, but listen through to the end … he’s incredible.
Merle Drown … new (and free) Flash Fiction from one of the greats …

Our review of Merle’s latest, Lighting the World, here:

Get Lighting the World here:

Mike Callahan … while his younger brother, Ryan, moves into the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Mike Callahan (click on link for TK’s feature on him) adds more to his own long list of accomplishments … Mike landed a position as a columnist in Lawn and Landscape magazine, the biggest landscaping magazine nationally. His first column was well received. Mike says, “Go Bolts!”

Baltimore (the frenzy of the moment) … is anyone really surprised that yet another video exposing police brutality (and possibly murder) would make a city suffering from decades of neglect, unemployment and systemic criminal injustice find itself a war zone? Baltimore is no different than any urban area in the country, and when another police officer is caught on camera doing something like shooting an unarmed man in the back, taking part in a gang-like pummeling, punching a woman in the face, etc., then we can expect more of the same response. You shit on people long enough, they’ll fall victim to the frenzy of the moment.

Part Deux of A TK Game of Thugs … yous choose the thug from the videos below. Maybe President Obama can reassess his calling those caught on film in Baltimore thugs … or maybe just call the cops in the videos below the same thing?
Which one(s) are the thug(s)?

Which one(s) are the thug(s)?

Which one(s) are the thug(s)?

Which one(s) are the thug(s)?

Which one(s) are the thug(s)?

And then there are these:


I don’t post those to show how bad the cops are, because obviously not all cops are that bad. I do post it to show how bad cops can be, and obviously, it has taken video cameras to see for ourselves. Now, imagine how many similar incidents were and/or are never caught on video? Which leads to …

Special Prosecutors … Police aren’t willing to flip on each other for obvious reasons (they have the prosecutors CLEARLY running interference for them). The two work hand-in-hand and need each other. Having the police investigate the police is akin to a wolf guarding the henhouse. The Blue Wall of Silence is no different than what the mob used to swear by (omerta), except the mob (at least over the past 30 years) no longer had/has prosecutors in their pockets. It’s the process that stinks. Assign special prosecutors (who weren’t former cops) to handle charges filed against police. Make police wear cameras (for their sakes as well as the public’s sake). Hold police every bit as accountable as the public is held accountable, which means do not have 3 month investigations that normally take a week or two, end of story.

St. Hillary … she won’t talk about her missing emails or her possible plutonium connection/husband’s speaking fees/hidden donor cash and/or TPP, but give Hillary a stage and a theatre, and there she is attempting to woo African-American voters over Baltimore’s misfortunes. While the speech was well done and well received, one has to wonder if any of the African-American community remembers her campaign against Obama back in 2007, when Bill played the race card in South Carolina before that primary.

Read more about The Deafening Silence of Hillary Clinton here:

Obama’s TPP backdoor move (a Koch Brothers Wet Dream) … giving back to the corporations he’s done so well for since he took office (sorry Democratic loyalists, but those are the FACTS), President Obama tried the most despicable backdoor move in his presidency (and any in my lifetime) in support of corporations. Just watch the video below. This was a deal arranged by 60 corporate representatives and Mr. Obama.

So, my fellow liberals sworn to the Democratic Party, do real progressives a big favor and quit ass-kissing a President so anxious to repay favors to corporations while he (and they) take a collective shit on the working people of this country. You want us to get real? Yous get real. TPP is nothing less than a Koch Brothers wet dream, and making believe Obama isn’t behind this backdoor deal doesn’t change the FACT that he was.

You want real hope and change? Bernie Sanders … if Democratic loyalists would quit telling each other (and trying to convince us) how Bernie can’t win and just voted for the guy, they just might be amazed at the result … at the top of this blog is a quote by Nelson Mendela …”It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Think you had it rougher than he did?


We’ll feature more about Bernie when he officially announces … in the meantime, meet the ONLY candidate who refuses corporate cash and the ONLY candidate Jesus would support, Bernie Sanders.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Game 5: Bolts vs. Wingless in Detroit … Tartan Noir (Len Wanner) … Hillary vs. Reality … Comic Book Movies?

Bolts vs. Wingless in Detroit through 4 games … what can one say? Exciting? Yes. Crazy? Absolutely. Pleasing? Well, two of the four have been, that’s for sure.

Wingless in Detroit Coach, Mike Babcock, summed up Thursday night’s game best: “We stole one from them in Game one and they stole one back tonight.”

Saturday’s feature (game 5) is back on home ice … hopefully the Bolts are still flying from that thrilling, albeit improbable, win the other night. Hopefully, the Wingless Wonders are still in shock. We’ll know soon enough.

Hockey has become my new first sports love and it has everything to do with team play and the full speed tenaciousness of the game. It’s made me bi-polar, no doubt … I suffer horrible lows when we lose and euphoric highs when we win … Thursday night I woke up most of New Jersey (and my wife) after being so friggin’ depressed I was drinking slow … slow turned to moderate after our first goal … when we tied it, I drank from the bottle … when we won it, I used two friggin’ straws.
Last night's Strangers game had to be one of the better games I've ever watched ... incredible defensive hockey from both squads. I'll give credit where it's due ... they earned the 2nd round match-up.


Tartan Noir … Len Wanner has put together a brilliant collection of Tartan dark … what’s Tartan, yous ask?
From Google: Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Tartans originated in woven wool, but now they are made in many other materials. Tartan is particularly associated with Scotland. Scottish kilts almost always have tartan patterns.

A fascinating, scholarly but highly accessible study of Scotland's world-renowned Tartan Noir literary movement, examining a number of high profile best-selling crime writers, from William McIlvaney, Stuart McBride, Caro Rasmay and Ian Rankin to Val McDermid, Quintin Jardine, Louise Welsh and many others. Based on the author's own research and in-depth interviews with many of the writers covered, Wanner delves deeply into what characterises and defines the Scottish police procedural and psycho killer novel at the heart of Tartan Noir, whilst also looking at the traditions and influences from wider Scottish literature. Doing for Tartan Noir what Barry Forshaw's ground-breaking Nordic Noir did for Scandi crime fiction, Len Wanner's book will be a fascinating companion for crime lovers and students of literature alike.

Mine is ordered for review shortly after the release. Let me tell you, amici, Len (unlike Moi) is about as scholarly as one gets …

Publisher: Freight Books
ISBN: 9781910449080
Hillary vs. Reality … The hysteria has already started from loyal Dems … “How can you possibly not vote for Hillary?” they ask. "If you’re a true progressive, how can you let the GOP win?"

Just look at that picture above. “What did I do?”

Oy vey … Basically, what the Dem loyalists are asking/saying is: So what she’s a scandal a minute, corporate sellout, does whatever she wants whenever she wants (just like the corporations that own her), ignores every and any regulation and/or law in her way, will say or do anything to get “her turn” … sure she can’t be trusted as far as you can toss a 4,000 pound anvil … she’s still our bad girl and our bad girl HAS to be better than the other sides bad guy!

Sorry, but that just doesn't pass the smell test … nor does she.

Her supporters are making a valid statement. “There isn’t one single shred of evidence she did anything wrong,” they claim.

Hmmm, shred of evidence … could that shred of evidence possibly be in one of the missing (or shredded) emails?

Look, if Bernie doesn’t run, Charlie doesn’t vote. But I’ll have a blast watching (and commenting on) the entire so-called election process. What is really a fiasco, Alex. If the Dems want people like me back in the fold, they’ll have to grow a pair … like an old football coach (Yaker) of mine used to say: “It’s as simple as that.”

And when Bill O’Reilly speaks up for Hillary (he claims he hates “left wing hit jobs”/ she claims it’s a “great right wing conspiracy” seeking her destruction), well, that should tell you all you’ll EVER need to know about whether or not you should demand that YOUR party demand she recuse herself from “her turn” ... and that they find someone with at least the sniff of respect (and/or decency) to present as their champion of working men and women. So long as they let her kiss up to Goldman Sachs and apologize for anti-Wall Street rhetoric, well ... thanks, but no thanks.

According to a piece in Politico Magazine, former Secretary of State and likely 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, had some harsh words related to progressives in her $400,000 speeches for Goldman Sachs and friends. Clinton decided to use her speaking opportunity before the super rich to attack those criticizing Wall Street and its numerous criminal practices.

Is that too Red State for you?  Try this version (click on link) Try not to laugh out loud when she claims they came out of the White House "dead broke."
Seriously, Dems, that’s the person you’re trying to convince liberals to vote for? You’re trusting HER to help working families? And you want us to wake up? Do you really believe she won’t cave to a deal with Republicans and appoint another business friendly Supreme Court Justice?

Good luck with that ...

Comic book movies make me upchuck my pablum! This is what I tell my wife and my kids … and everybody else … they think I’m a true curmudgeon when it comes to my distaste of multi-million dollar movies about friggin’ comic book characters. Oy vey, vey iz mir … Sorry, but I just can’t do it (watch one of these silly movies). I can occasionally have a 10 minute laugh at a clip of one of the older comic movies (Nicholson as the Joker—hell, I even quoted one of the lines as the epigraph to Charlie Opera (“This town needs an Enema.”). It takes place in Las Vegas (for the most part). But asking me to enjoy non-stop car chases, bombings, shootings, etc., etc. … while some putz dressed for Halloween saves the world? Well, that’s asking too much. Yeah, I’m probably a curmudgeon when it comes to Captain America, Batman, Superman, et al … it’s too silly for my tastes (this coming from a man who LOVED Popeye and all three Austin Powers movies … but does that disqualify me from mocking the choices my brats and wife make (over and over and over)? Who cares! Give me something I can at least make believe has something to do with reality, or make it a complete joke (Nicholson’s Joker), but until then I’ll be passing on the next installation of The Incredible Hulk and the collection of Avengers that make me shake my head in disbelief every time I see one of the trailers on television (or in the movies).

It’s also why I tend to watch far more foreign flicks than American movies … it’s got nothing to do with sophistication (remember, my first app upload on the new phone I’ll never use is a fart board) … I just find comic book characters as appealing as toe fungus.

I mean, come on … look at that silly shit above. I know they're getting millions, but how do they perform in these movies with straight faces?


Let's Go Bolts!