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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Foreign Flicks (including a Turkish Bukowski) ... a Staten Island Flick ... A Visit from the Goon Squad ... Two-a-days ...


Slovenian Girl ... thinking about being a call girl someday? This is a masterfully dark movie exhibiting some of the pitfalls of doing so. The movie also goes by the American title, A Call Girl, but Slovenian Girl is much more appropriate. An out of shape German official attending a European summit in Slovenia takes two Viagra in anticipation of a student/call girl’s arrival. He drops dead ... the thriller begins. Fair warning ... it ain’t Glee.

Terribly Happy ... a dark Danish flick with quite a few twists ... scary dark, in fact. A cop with a recently bad gun experience is punished by being sent to work in a small town ... beware little towns everywhere, I guess ... Good, not great ... but it’ll make you think and the surprises were clever.

Staten Island Flicks ... speaking of clever, this kid has the goods. From terrific family stock (incredible work ethic) and loaded with talent ... and most important in all things art, he’s fearless. TK says: You want Hollywood, kid? Go for it, Eric.

Favorite lines in the trailer:

Eric, no. Eric, not now!
It’s like my ass is throwing up.
Oh, my God, Eric! Are you kidding me?
Call a doctor, that’s not normal.
Ma, what would you like me to do with the mail ... in the shower?
Eric, where are my drill bits?
Not now.
He loses everything!
He doesn’t have to yell at me like that.

More of Eric’s film flicks are available on his site (link above) ... the rap song (Fancy Shorts) is hilarious ... we’ll be featuring Eric and his flicks here at TK from time to time ...

Some background: the boss, my much better-looking half, the Principessa Ann Marie, the freckled one, the wife, the rack (Ann Marie), works with Eric’s Mom, another Ann Marie ... which often makes my calling her job a bit of a pain in the ass because I’m not sure which name to ask for: (i.e., Is Ann Marie there? Ann Marie Cucci. I mean Cucci-Stella. WTF is a Cucci-Stella? Exactly. Thank you. She couldn’t make it easy and leave it Stella. Not my tomata ... no way. She had to put that bug up my ass ... you think it’s bad calling her workplace, try picking up her medicine at the focking drug store. “Cucci. C-U-C-C-I.” After twenty minutes of nothing ... “Try Stella, please. S-T-E-L-L-A.” Bada-boom, bada-bing ... it’s ALWAYS under Stella ... until I ask for Stella first. Then we gotta go through the focking Cucci routine again. Forgetaboutit ...

2011 Pulitzer Winner ... oy vey, last week I called it the 2010 winner ... Jennifer Egan’s, A Visit from the Goon Squad ... sometimes I need a few reads before I get it. This one will require a third read. I went about 18% (Kindle Speak) the first read, thought the writing impressive, but I wasn’t getting it. Gave up and read something else ... finished that and gave Goon Squad a 2nd shot. Made it to 86% and again thought the writing was impressive but I wasn’t getting the storylines ... again. Sometimes that happens (although the chapter of Powerpoint Presentation was particularly irksome to me because a) I was on the elliptical and it was damn near impossible for me to read on my kindle and b) I don’t like focking puzzles when I’m reading a book (I’m Gumby, damn it!). Anyway, I’m reading something else now (Season of Ice) by one of the MFA instructors (Diane Les Becquets, an unpronounceable name in Brooklynese) where I’ll be starting the program in June. That one I’m getting. I’ll give Goon Squad another shot before giving up ... and yes, I will start from scratch again. I’ve had to do that with a few books through the years and most often I wind up okay with them. This one I’m not so sure, but it will get effort number three (I did buy the thing), but after that, La Commedia รจ finita!

Head-On ... A Turkish Bukowski (without the writing) ... oy vey, this film had me laughing out loud (no LOL’s here amici) ... two people (Turks living in Germany) determined to kill themselves meet up after the guy (after getting seriously wasted on beer & booze) drives his car into a wall ... he’s Turkish and so is the woman he meets in the mental bin afterwards (also there for trying to whack herself) Turkish ... but her family is the seriously Turkish kind (she has to marry another Turk) ... so she asks our Turk (Bukowski) if he’d marry her (Mr. Bukowski, meet Mrs. Bukowski) ... it’s a wild ride but I was hooked early on and didn’t let go. Well worth the length (which is long) ... time flies when you’re about to die.

Two-a-Days ... no, not eating two pizza pies a day ... the ugly one has entered the two-a-day phase of working out aerobically ... walking 40-55 minutes mornings and about the same time in the gym (elliptical, treadmill & bike) afternoons ... after two days of two-a-days, of course, I’m crippled ...