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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Boo-Dee-Bah! Bin Laden & Porn ... Shutter Island ...

Dustin William Stella is now 27 years young ... a mixture of eye-talian, Deutschland, with a bit of Holländer and the Frenchman in him ... named after the actor, Dustin Hoffman, after his mother and I saw Mr. Hoffman perform in Death of a Salesman on Broadway, the Boo-Dee-Bah’s second name comes from his mother’s father (Grandpa Bill). Dustin spent Thursday night with Ann Marie and I at Casa Stella where we feasted on steak and burgers and they all made fun of my upcoming prison sentence on Shutter Island for the MFA program I’m enrolled in. Dustin is the youngest Stella brat, an incredibly good ball-breaker, devout Buffalo Bills fan, a football fanatic and one hell of a debater. He has the biggest heart (among other things) in the world and that’s what makes his old man most proud. Dustin's birthday falls on my father's birthday as well (Poppa Tommy). My father and sister and I were all present when the Boo-Dee-Bah was born ... one of the better memories for this cranky old man. We love you, Boo-Dee-Bah!

Happy Birthday, Boo-Dee-Bah!

Buon compleanno, Duster Babe!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Joyeux anniversaire!

Gelukkige Verjaardag!

Oy vey ... Happy Birthday, son.

Bin Laden was into porn ... I guess he couldn’t wait for those 72 virgins ... the questions is, of course, did he read Johnny Porno? Could he have possibly been reader # 17? If he was, that was the magic number (pre-picked by Knucks himself) ... he could’ve won a T-shirt!

Star or Shutter Island?

As the start of the MFA program edges ever closer, the family is having fun at the ugly one’s expense. Showers every other day ... not much electric ... no locks on the doors ... communal dining ... fresh water delivered to your door every morning ... oy vey ... couldn’t they charge us a few extra coins and pick Paradise Island?

Dustin William Stella is President for the day ... so, without further ado ... Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

—Knucks (the very proud Papa)