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Monday, September 9, 2013

Today I begin my 12 step program to lose my addiction to my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills ...


Oy vey ... what’s left to say ... our new coach gave away a game to the hated Cheatriots by totally mismanaging the game clock and/or being a stubborn ass. Either way, it was pure and simple dumb game clock management.

Maybe too many Bills fans forget how the Moonachie Blue Team beat us in Super Bowl 25 ... by shortening the game while we kept our defense on the field with the vaunted no-huddle/no win offense (even though we’d started that season playing smash mouth football--how we beat the blue team on their home field earlier in the season). Bill Belicheat was the defensive coordinator for both those games (but we played into his hands in the Super Bowl) ... so here we are yesterday in an incredibly fortunate situation (the Cheatriots looking ragged outside of 4 offensive players) ... with a lead going into the 4th quarter ... our offense had its best moments out of the gate in the third quarter (an 80 yard drive in 11 plays), but did very little to nothing afterward ... so what does coach Doug Moron do with a 4 point lead going into the 4th? He stays no huddle with a few three and outs and keeps our defense on the field an extra 6 minutes or so (at least the amount of time he could’ve run off the clock breaking from a huddle or just watching the play clock run down) ... our new genius coach gives Tom fucking Brady at least an extra 6 minutes to beat us.

And it worked! Brady beat us! We lost! Way to go, coach!

The thing about my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills that continues to make me insane (and I’m still smoking from my ears today and not finishing the friggin’ crime novel that should’ve been finished this morning) is how we find these guys to coach us into oblivion over and over. Coach Moron had the same game clock issues at Syracuse ... and nobody bothered to sit him down and explain how the play clock works in the NFL? See the last video below ... and pay attention to the last line: "They're run by idiots."

Oy vey ... my poor granddaughter ...

Why hockey remains my favorite sport ...

Two reasons ... here’s number one:

This isn’t the first time a professional football player has done something so damn stupid, but it is becoming way more commonplace. ESPN highlights have ruined the NFL in my opinion. These clowns can’t wait to celebrate ... they celebrate after the first play of the game, beating their chests like they accomplished something greater than what they’re paid to do, and then they get burned a play or two later, never mind the final score and how that plays out. It makes me nuts sometimes to watch this crap happen.

Here’s reason number two:

Stevie Johnson is a notorious “celebrator” and “trash talker” ... that video clip is from a game he cost us against the Steelers in 2010 ... yesterday he dropped a critical 3rd down play that keeps us our offense on the field (in spite of Coach Moron’s mismanagement of the game clock). He was celebrating and trash talking as usual after his TD catch (like HE won the game for us), but what he did dropping that critical 3rd down pass was force us to punt the ball after ANOTHER three-and-out (and turning the ball over with taking less than 1 minute off the game clock).

You just don’t (or at least I haven’t) seen this level of personal “me-me-me” bullshit in the NHL ... you see team play and very little to none “me-me-me” celebrations. And from what I can see, the celebrations have permeated both college AND high school sports.

Whatever happened to: “Act like you’ve been there before.”

Here’s a simple solution, if the NFL (or any franchise is interested). The next moron who prematurely celebrates (including chest beating 30 seconds into the game) gets a compass and a flashlight and instructions on how to park cars.

Is it tough being a Buffalo Bills fan?

Amici, yous have no idea ...


You think he’s got it bad? I’m fifty-fuckin’-seven!

The curse is now Coach Doug Marrone ... a.k.a. Doug Moron ...

Step One: Percocet ... a handful.