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Friday, September 20, 2013

Texas at Casa Stella … The Diamond Collar … This Week in the NFL ...


Obviously, in the picture above, my eyes are closed because my wife is goosing me … again.

Two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet stopped in beautiful downtown Fords, New Jersey, on their way to Bouchercon in Albany, New York … Texas to Albany via Fords, NJ … Michelle (the Godmother) and Tommy Isler came toting presents (booze, smokes and sports memorabilia from the 1949 Brooklyn Dodgers/autographed picture of pitcher Don Newcombe) … and flowers … this time we were ready for them with lasagna, chicken francese, broccoli rabe, sharp provolone, Buffalo Mozzarella, hot peppers, soppressata (hot and sweet), cannoli, pignoli, semolina bread, etc. …

Forgetaboutit …


Both Michelle and Tommy didn’t make fun of me when I stumbled out of my chair over the elliptical machine and into the wall (our dining room is a multi-tasking room) … of course my wife nailed me later when she said, “Real smooth getting out of that chair there, Jack Lalanne.”

Oy vey …

Seriously, you can’t meet two nicer people … the Islers have been famiglia since the Principessa Ann Marie and I visited Murder by the Book in Housten several years ago …


Our fun conversations touched on pretty much everything including Dana King’s debut novel, Grind Joint. Get it here:

Watching over the casa stella sit-down was the capo di tutti cappi, Rigoletto Stella.


The Diamond Collar …  need pet supplies and/or grooming for your pets? Check out the Diamond Collar on 13th Avenue and 71st … and while you’re in the neighborhood, check out the bakeries … Madonna mia …

And if you’re looking for a rescued pet, stop in The Diamond Collar and ask about the shelter for rescues. You can’t go wrong, amici … and the animals need some love. Ask for James …

That’s Dr. Pernice in the video … best veterinarian in the world, MF’ers … he saved our Rigoletto 8 years ago …


This week in the NFL … just remember, amici, just because I was 5-10 last week, I did call the final score of my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills over the Carolina Pantherless, 24-23 … I’m talking EXACTLY 24, 23. Okay? So, here we go, invest your In Knucks We Trust Bucks on the following Lock(s) of the Week. The asterisk/BOLDED game is the “mortgage your house, make vacation plans, and put in your retirement papers LOCK OF THE WEEK."

Chefs over the Eaglettes, 31-27 Thursday night. [(Cha-ching) Coach Kelly, welcome to the NFL].

*My beloved New York State Buffalo Bills over Moonachie Green in the Moonachie Meadowlands, 24-10

Texas Two Steppers over the Wes Cravens, 24-17

Giants crush the Pantherless, 30-13

Rams outlast the Cowgirls, 30-24

Cheatriots over the Buckless, 27-10

Titans shock San Diego Boltless, 24-17

Sea Pigeons crush the fading fast Jags, 35-10

Vikings over the Give the season up Browns, 24-10

Bengalis upset the Packing Co., 30-24

Washingtonians return to form over the Lionettes, 27-20

The Aints in a rough one of the Redbirds, 24-21

The fish rock the Falconless, 27-24

49’ers remain in shock as Coltless upset them, 24-23

Steelers intercept Cutler’s cubbies, 24-20

Monday night it’s the Broncettes crushing the Raiderettes, 42-13

— Knucks

Back in the day (before we were married), it used to be the Principessa Ann Marie would climb up on the back of her couch to rub my shoulders, the back of my neck, and play with my hair. Those were the days … long after she’s roped and worn me down to a little nub, when she feels it's time (think wine grapes taking their time), she says to me, she says, “Tonight, is your night, bro.”

Musica, piuttosto…