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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rigoletto Stella ... The Debate … Rock & Roll Graduate School … NFL Report Card ... and TK’s Locks of the Week ...


Rigoletto, our super dog, has been through it again. This week he’s in the local vet hospital recovering (we hope) from ketoacidosis (the 2nd time) ... he’s diabetic and requires 2 shots of insulin daily, he’s had laminectomy (back surgery to fuse his spine) ... it never seems to end, but we can’t imagine life without him. Parents everywhere know EXACTLY what I mean. They are our children ... the cost is prohibitive, unless it’s your pet.
He’s at the local vet hospital so I’ll be leaving work early tomorrow afternoon to see if I can bring him home ... at least visit with him so he doesn’t think we’re not thinking (constantly) about him being alone.

The Debate ...

If Mitt Romney was trying to make President Obama look as clueless as the replacement refs, he did a good job of it Wednesday night. Romney flip-flopped, juked and jived (and lied through his teeth) while Obama looked like he had a hangover. Perhaps much more important, Obama looked incompetent. Even his (Obama’s) minions at MSNBC were squirming (there was no tingly feeling running up and down Chris Matthews’ legs Wednesday night), and their constant pointing to fact checking (as if fact checking after the FACT was going to make a difference—MSNBC loyalists are going to vote for Obama no matter what happened).
That’s the shame of this: Obama loyalists refuse to see their candidate having done anything wrong (ever). At the least, they don’t want to hear or read about it. Guess what? Tough shit. There was actually 23% of democrats who thought Obama won the debate!
Probably the same 23% who thought the Monday night fiasco in Seattle two weeks ago was a simultaneous possession.
Oy vey …
But let’s not let sir-roof-a-dog off the hook so easy. He not only lied, he changed his game plan on the fly; presumably to appeal to the middle class he pissed on during a $50K a plate fund raiser for those he most appeals to (for those he cares about). The problem for Obama wasn’t trying to defend his lackluster record, I doubt he was going to try, but why he ignored the truckload of ammunition Romney has been feeding him every other day it seems is beyond explanation. Romney claimed that 47% of the country are parasites. Did Mr. Obama forget?
Obama feebly went after Romney’s non-stop flip-flopping and then ignored the fact Romney buries his money in the Cayman islands (speaking of off-shore!). Nor will Romney release his tax returns the way his Daddy said he should. Romney made a living as a vulture capitalist (there’s no other word for it) ... and another no mention by Obama. Romney skirted the Vietnamese War while writing love letters on the beaches of France instead of fighting in the war he so patriotically supported while back in college.
How about it, Mr. President? Don’t you read Temporary Knucksline? Maybe you should focking start, eh?
Romney has an elevator for his cars and a cage for his dog for the roof of his cars. Need more ammunition than that to prove Mr. Romney lives in his own world?
Most of us who watched this fiasco, were probably thinking the same thing: Mr. President, what the fuck?
One has to wonder, if that’s the best this president can do, maybe it is time for him to get some off the job training. And, no, that isn’t an endorsement for the double-speaking cardboard cutout Mr. Romney is, but it does make one wonder if the Emperor forgot his clothes.
It will be a shame if Mr. Romney winds up in the White House with an Ayn Rand poster boy for his Vice President; I can think of nothing worse. But if Obama loses, it’ll have been his own fault going back to 2008 when he had two years of legislative superiority and all he did was provide bailout gifts to Wall Street without protecting the people who do the work (capitalism at its finest).
One can only wish the socialist, libertarian, communist, green, etc., parties were given the same platform to speak to the people being run into the ground by a system that ignores the suckers feeding it.
So it goes ... except if there’s ONE thing you need to know to choose which one of these two clowns should be president, think about this: WHO THE FUCK PUTS THEIR DOG IN A CAGE ON THE ROOF OF THEIR CAR WHEN THEY TRAVEL?
The NFL Report Card ...
Hubris be thy name ... Cam Newton is a product of the ESPN era of sport in America ... the chest banging (after a single tackle), hands pointing to the back of the jersey (after scoring a touchdown), and the tearing open of the imaginary shirt to show the superman tights. After being hammered for pulling his superman routine two weeks ago (in a loss), Newton doubled-down last Sunday and wound up costing his team the game with a dumbass fumble that gave the ball back to the Falcons with just enough time to move the ball and kick a game winning field goal. Yeah, Newton is a great athlete. He’s also 1-3 and making enemies, probably on his own team.
Tony who? ... The Jets genius Offensive coordinator who was fired by the Dolphins for not getting it done, two weeks ago pounded his chest after his offense FINALLY scored a TD against his old team. You would have thought they accomplished something great. As it turned out, they did manage to win the game, but that was more luck than offensive prowess. In fact, the Jet defense scored as many TD’s in that game as Sparano’s fetid offense (1). This past Sunday they were shut out. The Jets have been the joke of the NFL since last year’s super bowl predictions by loud mouth, Rex Ryan. This year they’re garbage and bringing Sparano and Tebow to the circus act has turned Ryan’s dream into a nightmare.
Buffalo Blues ... oy vey, Chan Gailey sounds as helpless in his post-game interviews as his defensive line looks on the field. Last week Gailey rotated running backs, giving a scat back the ball in a power situation with one of the best power runners in the league watching from the sideline. CJ Spiller, a guy who makes people miss in the open field, fumbled on the 1 yard line right before the half. The $100 million Super Mario occasionally makes an appearance on the field (like once every 16 or so plays), but never in pass rushes (which is what he was hired to do). An anemic team that may be the best of the worst in the league (it may be worse than that) once again hired a nice guy (Chan Gailey) and once again is paying the price. Bills fans have ZERO to look forward to because our draft picks usually aren’t any good either. As for the $60 million bust at QB ... 4 more picks in a humiliating loss to the Cheatriots prove the Bills management is possibly the worst in the NFL.
New England Patriots ... remain the best of the AFC east and possibly the AFC, except their defense is no more improved than their ability to win a game with class. Look for them to win another 12 or more games and then lose in the playoffs and/or the super bowl.
Houston Texans ... are looking like the team that will represent the AFC in the super bowl. They’re that good.
San Francisco 49’ers ... are still the best in the NFL. That defense ... that running game ... that coach. They’ll lose from time to time, but unless injuries impact them when it counts, they’re a sure shot to waste the rest of the league come the playoffs.
New Jersey Giants ... tough loss last week, but you could see it coming when Gilbride resorted to his pass-first mentality. I’m sure Buddy Ryan (who once clocked Gilbride on the sideline when they were with Houston because Kevin couldn’t stop himself from giving a game away with interceptions) was smiling down on the Gilbridinator last week. The Giants can’t afford to lose too many because of their schedule, but don’t kid yourself, they’re still one of the four best in the NFL.
TK’s Locks of the Week!
Last week, believe it or not, we wound up on the plus side (5-3) so you’re wallets must be busting now. But there are lots of pick’ems this week, amici.
In Knucks we trust Bucks should be bet sparingly.
Cards/Rams - Pickem.
Dog Killers/Steelers - Pickem.
The Pack over the Colts by 10
The Washingtonians in an upset over the Falconettes.
Dolphins/Bengals - Pickem.
Wes Cravens bury the Chefs.
The Sea Pigeons take apart Superputz, leaving him capeless in Seattle?
The Jags jolt the Cutlerettes.
The Cheatriots over the Broncettes (because they’re home and Brady rules are double-enforced when Kraft can just reach under his chair to pay off officials).
When the 49’ers hit 10, my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills can probably catch an early flight home ... another embarrassing route.
Titans/Vikings - Pickem.
Chargerless/Aints - Pickem.
And in the Monday night fiasco ... The Texan Two-Steppers crush the Moonachie Green Team ... and say hello to Tim (you knew it was coming) Tebow ... and goodbye Mark Sanchez ...
For Rigoletto ... who knew the opera I named him after would be prophetic (his back issues) ... although there are many comic moments in the opera, ultimately it’s a sad opera.
What’s in a name? Our Rigoletto? He’s the bestist ... ever.
The curse ... La Maledizione!