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Friday, October 12, 2012

It’s a tomata! ... The VP’s ... The Crime Interviews: Volume Three ... TK’s Locks of the Week ...

Charles & Leslie Stella will be delivering the ugly one’s first grandchild next March. This week we learned it’s a girl! Si, amici, another Principessa! Well, she already has a Bills bib, a train set and several planned trips to opera houses throughout the Metropolitan area.

The VP Debate ... our first impression was the Democrats picked up 1/2 point (.5). Biden was obnoxious, but Ryan deserved it. The problem, of course, is the pressure now shifts back to Mr. Obama, and it has quadrupled. Joe Biden was there to keep the loyalists happy. For that, all he had to do was avoid being Obama in the first presidential debate. Essentially, he couldn’t fall asleep. Although his melodramatic histrionics (the laughing, smiling, smirking) was obviously staged, it’s exactly what the troops wanted. If you turned to MSNBC, you would’ve thought they won the election. When Biden was angry (or able to convey anger), he was twice as effective; usually backing Paul Ryan into a corner (repeating himself ad nausea).
As for the Republicans, it made no difference to their loyalists what Paul Ryan said, so long as he didn’t start crying; they were going to claim victory no matter what happened, and Ryan managed not to cry.
The problem for Democrats remains the President. Will he be able to shoot down Romney’s ever changing positions without a pause infused lecture that leaves his audience (remember, it’s a show first) bored to tears? Will he do so with some level of gravitas? Can he show emotion? The Benghazi debacle isn’t going to be easy for him to walk back and Romney is sure to stay on it as long as possible.
Let’s face it, these debates are nothing more than sideshows. Acting counts way more than any level of substantive responses. For the 5 or 6 or 7% of registered voters who remain undecided, and it seems incredible that that many people could possibly remain undecided at this point, the show did one of two things: 1) it presented a Vice President with little to be condescending about acting in a very condescending manner ... and 2) it presented a Vice Presidential candidate who is clearly sticking to a script that promises an awful lot without explaining how any of it can possibly happen.
One can only hope Mr. Obama seeks the advice of a wartime consigliere next week. Last week he took the high road and looked down his nose instead of calling Romney on his in-the-moment flip-flopping. Obama appeared unprepared and bored. To viewers looking for a show, he looked incompetent. Another performance anything close to the first one and he can start planning his third memoir.

The Crime Interviews: Volume Three (The Bloody Scotland Edition) ... is out an about. Intellectual/writer/interviewer extraordinaire Len Wanner set his curiosity to Scotland and its crime writers. If you’re interested in learning about how to write, how to be a writer, or about the writing life in general, what greater resource and pleasure than frank, revealing interviews with some of today's best-selling authors?
Len Wanner's acclaimed interview series continues with VOLUME THREE: THE BLOODY SCOTLAND EDITION, featuring in-depth interviews with twelve of the leading lights of Scottish crime fiction and with a foreword by William McIlvanney, creator of Jack Laidlaw and the Godfather of tartan noir.

TK’s locks of the week! Last week was another that ended on the plus side (5-3) ... but some of yous are wanting point spreads to go along with our sports editor’s financial advice. Okay, so here it is, as of 10/12/12 at 7:45 p.m. ... using this site, we’re giving you the goods for week six.
Take the Bengalis and give the points (-2) over the Brownettes of Cleveland.
The Y-E-T-S, Yets, Yets, Yets’ defense looked respectable last Monday night, which should spur some fire in the bellies of the Moonachie Green beast, but their offense remains as weak as they come ... the Coltless have Luck and are coming off a major win ... take the Colts and the points (+3.5)
The Bucaroons should feast on the Chefs, but not so fast ... not by 4 ... take the Chefs (+4).
The Braves (-9) at the A’s? Oh, man, forget their bats, there’s no way the Falconettes will cover. Take the silver and black (+9).
The Wes Cravens aren’t looking very good of late ... especially the next “elite” QB (is anyone as tired as I am of hearing that word?). Take the Cowgirls plus the points (+3.5).
The Dog Killers go down at home to the Lionettes. Take Detroit plus the points (+3.5).
Miami at home with the Ramettes (who are looking better each week). Take the Rams and the points (+4).
The Cheatriots think they have a running game, but they don’t. They have a passing game no one seems willing to blitz that is setting up their running game. This week the Sea Pigeons go blitz crazy and shake up the Cheaterfaces. Take the Sea Pigeons and the points (3.5).
Oy vey ... my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills have given up 97 points and 1200 in their last two embarrassments. Can they make it 200 points and 2000 yards in 3 games? Yes they can! Take the Cardinals and lay the points (-4.5).
RG III returns (we think) and the Vikings are looking for real (at least against also rans and one very good team they caught napping (San Fran). I like the Washingtonians giving the points (-2.5), but ONLY if RG III isn't nursing his noggin.
The game of the week features Moonachie Blue and the 49’ers ... the Giants sometimes cough up a lung at home ... the 49’ers are coming off back to back cakewalks ... take the G-men and the way too many points (+6.5).
The Texans are due ... so is the Pack ... take the Pack and the points (+3.5).
And Monday night we like the Broncettes over the Riverside pick parade ... take Denver and the points (+1).
This explains it best ... Turandot (the Principessa) will ONLY marry someone who can solve her riddles. The original ice queen, she is ... if they can’t answer the riddles, off with their heads. So, here’s the three riddles of Turandot (with English subtitles) ...
Hint, Momma Stella’s name in eye-talian is the answer to the first riddle ... the riddles start about 15:42 into the video, but watch the entire act ... In Questa Reggia comes before the riddles (where Turando explains why she'd rather whack those seeking her love than tell them to take a hike.
Fair warning to anyone looking to date my grandaugther, the next Principessa ...