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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Outlaw Album ... Bush III ... Wall Street III ... Bills v. Moonachie (part I of III) ...


How good is Daniell Woodrell? Well, most of yous already know. He’s a great writer, brilliant, an American treasure finally given the proper exposure via a movie based on one of his many brilliant novels, but he was a great writer long before Winter's Bone hit the big screen. First of all, it was a novel, one of his 8 or so and while Tomato Red remains my favorite work of his, this new collection of his short stories is right up there.

In our MFA program (SNHU MFA), I’m permitted to pick a book each month to write a craft essay on and my mentor assigns another. Thus far the reading assignments have been no end enlightening (my mentor, Mitch Wieland, knows his stuff), but this month I chose Woodrell as my choice. It was a late decision (made 2 days ago) after starting on the magic he wove in The Outlaw Album. The first three stories alone are worth the price of admission; there should be bonuses paid the author for what comes afterward. I won’t bore you with craft essay speak, but the justice Woodrell’s characters dole out is nothing short of that magic I mentioned earlier. Later on, a story about a father rejecting a social workers appeal to a parole board for his son’s early release is right there with Faulkner’s The Sound and The Fury. I’m loving this MFA thing way more than I thought possible but finally I get to add something to the flavor (via Daniell Woodrell’s collection of short stories, The Outlaw Album). I’m not sure there’s a better writer in America today.

The country is in bad, bad shape ... way too many people remain out of work, jobs continue to be outsourced overseas, foreclosures are about to go through the ceiling again and the gap between the rich and everybody else has become a friggin’ chasm. So, here’s the game plan ... let’s go to war someplace ... how about Africa!

Let me tell you, I thought this guy was a huckster as soon as he handed over all that gelt to his best friends on Wall Street no strings attached, but now I’m convinced he’s an out and out moron. This is what Democratic Liberals will stick to their party for from fear they might lose? The last I checked, Obama has upticked GW on just about everything ... he’s Bush III on steroids but don’t bother mentioning it to Democratic loyalists because they’re in Hope and Change denial (on steriods).

So how’s that working for you?


Appropriately enough, when I went to read Charles Krauthammer’s assault on the Wall Street Protesters this morning in the Washington Post, up popped a Citibank Ad … it’s always good to be warned about what you’re in for. My guess was Sir Charles of Crud was attempting to preempt any Democratic (Obama) attempt to harness the energy of a people fed up with the shaft they’ve been given for 30 years. Now try and imagine how American Natives feel? You know the ones who would truly like "THEIR" country back. I mean, since it was actually THEIRS and all.

Kind of silly, don’t you think? Especially since Krauthammer pointed at Obama’s record (a record any Republican would be proud of as regards the rewarding of corporate America). But Sir Square of Pants isn’t about to acknowledge what amounts to the beginning of his (and his ilk’s) end. Even if it isn’t successful right now, it is an omen of things to come; the frustrations of people perhaps FINALLY coming to terms with the underlying cause of their angst.

Whether the Wall Street protesters (or those around the country) are aware of it or not, what they’re up in arms over has much more to do with the inequalities capitalism depends on than anything else. Sure there are spoiled brats there who want their “fair share” of the meat of the pie (and who would have no problem serving the rest of us the crumbs once they get what they want), but there are also people there (union workers come to mind) who are tired of being vilified for trying to make a living with some modicum of dignity. There are those up in arms over bailouts to multi-billion dollar corporations and banks who continue to outsource American jobs overseas. And, of course, there are kids upset at the fact their $50-100K+ student loans will have to be paid off while they work at Target. Now, does that mean they have become socially conscious of a sudden? Does it mean they care more for a greater good than how much coin they’ll make so they can one day bow their heads to icons of capitalism like Steve Jobs without shame? Probably not, but the fact the numbers of protesters and protests are growing worries the barons of Wall Street a lot more than they let on.

What happens if it turns violent? First off, I’d be real suspicious about shills paid to start trouble. Second, I’d say looks like the chickens are aiming for home after all. Should the violence continue to come from those protecting Wall Street (the NYPD comes to mind), it will only add fuel to the fire. Sooner or later, bullies get their comeuppance and the money has been doing the bullying plenty long enough.

Now, is this really it, finally, the revolution? I doubt it, but make no mistake that it’s a start, and perhaps THE start.

Of course the Democrats (Obama in particular) are/is failing to seize the moment and at least make a show of understanding our angst. Imagine a so-called progressive president doing something progressive (for a change) and not worrying about losing an election he’s just about given away to a party considered dead less than four years ago? Don’t hold your breath. This guy knows his days in the oval office may well be numbered and he isn’t about to risk standing on principal now. Think back to the con he handed us in 2008 and all the little details he forgot to follow-up on.

Or maybe he just doesn’t like comfortable shoes … who knows.

Oy vey iz mir …

Hope and Change remains in the peoples hands and it is there it will either come to pass or pass for a little while longer. Stop shitting your pants, Liberal Democrats ... take a friggin’ stand that means something. Get off the friggin’ “I’m disappointed in him, sure, but ...” bandwagon. Grow a friggin’ pair! Wise the frig up!

No, money never weeps … not until enough of those chickens come home to roost ... and brothers and sisters, the greed on Wall Street has been ringing the dinner bell for a long-assed time already.

Bills v. Moonachie ... oh, baby, is big blue in for it this weekend. You think Eli had issues last week? We’re number 1 in intercepts thus far this season; 4 vs. Miss Brady from the Cheatriots; 4 more against the dream team dog killing pieces of shit Eaglettes and a few from the other games we’ve played … you think Eli might be a little nervous right now? My beloved New York State Buffalo Bills continue the stampede in a 2nd half blowout/GIANT collapse: Bills 40, the GEEEEEEEEmen 20.


Do you hear the people?