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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Doc says ...

TK Monthly Disclaimer ... The views of Mr. Compassion (the Doc) do not reflect those of Temporary Knucksline. In fact, we’d have to be pretty drunk to land on his planet. But we love him anyway (and are attending 12 step programs to get over it) ... so here he is, straight from his latest anger management rehab, picking on me, my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills, Michelle Obama, well, pretty much everybody, the Doc ...

So where’ve you been, Chaz,

Every night I watch the Wall Street Protests on the news, looking for a portly gentleman wearing a red beret and a torn Buffalo Bills sweatshirt. Your anarchist peeps need you bro. Or are you too busy collecting big paychecks from typing contracts for “The Man”.

All these protests remind me of my glory days as a member of SDS in college. Spending my days, ending the war, singing Melanie songs and bringing peace to the earth… oh and the nights. If you think “makeup” sex is good, you have to try “revolutionary/battling the military, industrial complex” sex. And there was a lot of it in the Peace Movement. Why do you think we were so dedicated?

Sorry about your Buffalo Bills. I must say, I don’t much care for this new strategy of theirs. Normally they spread their 3 wins over the whole season. Now that they’ve won their first 3 games there will be nothing for you to look forward to all season. Don’t worry about it ... have a pizza.

Did you see the photo of Moochelle doing her shopping at Target?

Luckily, there “just happened” to be an AP photographer there to capture the moment of Michelle Antoinette hob-nobbing with the peasants. Call me cynical, but could this be an effort to overshadow the story that her Africa trip cost the taxpayers a half million dollars? They even put some low budget outfit on her because they figure that is how down home folks dress. You can see that the stores where Moochelle usually shops do not have shopping carts. Michelle and her assistant are walking out with their hands full of bags while pushing an empty cart. Then again, most people do not bring their assistants to Target. I usually let my assistant take a nap in the limo while I buy 20 pound bags of tube socks.

Sesame Street will be introducing a new food deprived muppet in an upcoming special on hunger. What a hopeful bedtime story to be giving our pre-schoolers. Personally I think there is also some underlying racial message going on here as well. The new, hungry muppet, Lily, is purple. Obviously the result of some rich, capitalist, blue muppet slumming down in the poorer, red muppet neighborhoods of Sesame Street.

Speaking of Muppets, my favorite muppet, Eric Holder was caught telling fibs about “Fast and Furious”. When asked when he first heard of it Eric said, “A few weeks ago”. It turns out he heard of it almost a year ago. Woops! When pressed about the discrepancy Eric defended himself by saying that he misunderstood the question. Hey, Eric, that’s not a tough question. And this is the top law enforcement official in Obama’s freaking America.

The ACLU (and Ron Paul) have their panties in a knot over the recent killing of the American, Al Qaeda big wig al-Awlaki. They consider the firing of a Hellfire missile up his skirts to be an assassination. The official TK (not really, the editors didn't approve) response to this is:

“Yes it was. Now, how about those Bills.”

Have a good week, Bunky


Here’s Melanie (after the war)