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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Foreign Films ... Something for writers (William Kennedy) ...


If I want to whistle, I whistle ... A tough look at a mother-son-brother relationship from inside a juvenile prison. This film is as understated as the countryside/prison, but will hold you tight to the screen.

Heavenly Creatures ... Early Kate Winslet ... directed by Peter Jackson. Based on a true story that will curl your toes. I was literally cringing at the darkest moment of the film, saying, “No, don’t do it.” Interesting stuff/great acting all around.

Cinema Paradiso ... why I’m so crazy about my wife ... we initially came together because of La Vita e bella (another story for another day), but this one solidified us forever. You don’t cry from this eye-talian classic, you have no heart. A beautiful soundtrack accompanies a great film (and it just so happens that a film reviewed here before my trip to Shutter Island (Malene) was also directed by the same genius, Guiseppe Tornatore (a good Sicilian boy) ... nothing short of brilliant.

And here’s another look at one beautiful woman (and another great coming of age movie by Tornatore) ... Malène ... turn up the volume, it’s worth it ...

Okey, that was cruel ... but here’s something (an author) every writer should pay attention to.

William Kennedy ... I first read Kennedy about a dozen years ago, starting with the first of his Albany trilogy, Legs, then Billy Phalen’s Greatest Game and finally Ironweed. I reread him a few years ago, but before I went on to other works of his, my wild and crazy Russian phase took hold and I abandoned way too many great books for a few too many years. Professore Joe Cerami, 95th Street in Canarsie, West Point class of 1971, Penn State class of 2007, Class of 2007, Ph.D. Public Policy Political Institutions Public Management, U.S. Army, Field Artillery Officer, Operations and Force Development, Strategist, The Bush School of Government & Public Service (Senior Lecturer in National Security & Director, Public Service Leadership Program) sent me the link below (click on the link, writers). Not a bad resume for a Canarsie kid, eh?

Joe sent me this great interview with Kennedy that every writer should want to observe (especially the bit about finding the time to write).

I purchased Roscoe tonight to reread and review here in the near future.


Now this just struck me as funny ... sure I’m glad this guy bagged a few dozen pedophiles, but his smugness generally pissed me off no end. So, here’s lookin’ at you, you smug douchebag.

I’ll be feasting and drinking with the Doc Monday at his joint ... stories (drunk and otherwise) to come.