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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Doc Says ...

Monthly Disclaimer:

For those unfamiliar with Temporary Knucksline, this is our (now) monthly disclaimer ... TK allows one commentator aside from the ugly Knuckster ... that commentator is the Doc ... or, as he’s known around here (sarcasm intended), signor compassion (his columns are titled "The Doc says"). While I’m more a bipartisan curmudgeon and pick on both major parties with passion, Doc focuses on anything left of Attilah the Hun (and has two favorite targets ... President Obama and yours truly). Doc shoots from just right of (crazy) Sara Palin’s porch politically and is an expert marksman. He is also a hell of a writer (has written a terrific survival novel we all hope gets picked up soon). So, welcome to Temporary Knucksline (TK). Those unfamiliar with the drivel here, try not to be offended ... and if you are, imagine you’re me. Trust me, it ain’t easy being me ...

What’s happening, Chaz,

I’ve been reading the latest Knuckslines and I have a question. How come when your “respectable” friends go to Casa Stella they get these 6 course sit-down dinners? I show up and I get a pizza with no toppings and when I reach for that third slice you give me that glare last used by the Peruvian soccer team in the Andes mountains checking out the chubby-cheeked towel boy.

Last weekend was absolutely brutal. With both days over 100 degrees I was sweating like a cub scout at Neverland Ranch.

I’m thinking of founding a new minority aid organization. The NAACJO… the National Association for the Advancement of Corporate Jet Owners. Damn! Fredo is hammering these people. I think in the White House they even have to drink from separate water fountains. This is especially disturbing coming from someone who spends half his time vacationing with Air Force One. I guess his defense is that he doesn’t technically “own” it.

I saw his speech where he slams the Republicans for not raising the debt ceiling. I swear he took the same economics classes as my daughter. The credit cards are all maxed out, so it’s obviously Visa’s fault for not raising the credit limits. Of course he loves this whole debt ceiling debacle. If not for that he would have to address the issue of 400,000+ Americans going on Unemployment for the last 15 straight weeks. That’s SIX MILLION American workers in under 4 months. And what does the Lame Stream Media talk about… Amy Winehouse. You’ll also notice that Eric Holder’s fabulous “Fast & Furious” ATF Mexican gunrunning scheme has dropped off the radar. By the way, that clusterfuck was paid for with stimulus money. Were Holder and the Bamster trying to promote jobs in the undertaking industry?

Read your “Shameless Self Promotion” Knucksline. That is well beyond self promotion. You have just put yourself out on the street with hot pants and a tube top. Your publisher should be following you around in a pink Eldorado with a heart-shaped rear window while wearing a broad-brimmed, purple fedora. As I’ve always said… you not only write the best crime novels… you also write the best reviews of your crime novels. Keep up the fine work.

Have a great week

How about a little Shakira.