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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rest in Peace, brother …


This past weekend I lost a very dear friend; a true friend. Brian, Ann Marie and I had spent this past Christmas Eve with my Mom. Twelve days ago, he was over for dinner and to watch the conference championships. Last night we learned of his passing.


I saw your pain
twelve days before the call
last night

you talked that day
about things you hadn’t before;
your wore it that day
your pain

the spark was missing
from your eyes
that day

I knew
that day ...

there were better days
when the spark was there
in your eyes
with desire
for the dreams you had

days when we joked
about life

when the three of us,
you, Paulie and myself
about life

how good it would be
for us
each of us
all of us

we had one other exchange
ten days ago
an email back and forth;
you concerned about my situation
at work

my situation
at work
... my fucking job

you concerned about me
about others

it was your way

it was always your way

I have your voice
the spark there
that day

cheering me on
cheering me

it was your way

I’ll miss you, Brian
I’ll miss you dearly
Rest in peace, my brother.

Your voice