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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Michael Moore ... il telefono ... The Damage Done ... Formatting 101 ...


Capitalism: A Love Story ... I’m not a Michael Moore fan but since the bulk of this particular movie dealt with something I believe in (i.e., capitalism’s better days have come and gone), I did watch the documentary this afternoon while taking a break from taking a break. Toward the end, although he did pepper both major political parties pretty good, he did what pisses me off most about him; he provided the double-speak he claims to be against.

While he did mention the fact that President Obama’s biggest contributor was Goldman Sachs (and he showed that Goldman Sachs continues to run the treasury department thanks to both Bush and Obama--although he ONLY showed the graph with former GS bigwigs under Bush), what he didn’t do was place enough of the blame on the party he always, always, always falls back on (even after admitting that one of the “isms” that isn’t capitalism is at the least his implied preference).

So, Vanessa (you ask), what’s your point?

The point being, Moore’s documentary will make anyone’s blood boil (whichever side of the fence you’re on) and it probably should be requisite viewing in high schools throughout the land (there’s certainly enough propaganda on the other side of the argument), but why in the hell does he always back down when it counts most? He does more than hint at revolution (here, here!), yet he always, always, always winds up supporting the lesser-by-a-tiny-degree party that supports the “ism” (in this case capitalism) that he’s just spent nearly two hours proving is unjust.

And showing Obama supporting the Chicago window and door factory workers who had taken over their building after Bank of America was bailed out but wouldn’t pay the same workers pensions, severance and other monies owed is sort of like him “being on the side of the Egyptian people” after sitting on the fence and watching the Egyptian people do all the work.

What a hero.

Anyway, that was my take on the documentary. Good viewing, great idea (a workers revolution), but in the end, Moore is just another Dennis Kucinich about to go on the Obama Air Force One ride to nowhere. Let me know when there’s a genuine call for a genuine revolution (armed or otherwise, although TK prefers unarmed because we’re personally gun challenged). That said, we’re fine with taking lessons ... we know we can count on Doc to teach us.

Well, at least Ann Marie can count on Doc. He might not arm me ...

How to handle telephones while writing ... do what I do: Take the fucking thing out to the back porch and leave it there. Sooner or later (a day or two or three), the wife’ll figure it out and retrieve it ... or better yet, nobody will and nobody will ever notice.

The Damage Done, Hilary Davidson ... a nifty novel about some seriously mistaken identity, a wealthy entrepreneur used to getting his own way, a good cop with bad people skills and a protagonist torn by her family’s history. Lily More gets a call while overseas about her sister’s drowning death on the anniversary of their mother’s suicide. She’s a travel journalist, but her trip back to New York is personal. What happens from the moment she returns involves twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing (no spoilers here). A nifty debut from an author with clear and clever writing skill.

Document Formatting ... we’ve added document formatting to First Reads ... so if you’re document challenged (you can’t figure out how to format a document so it’s at least presentable to agents/editors [1” margins all around; double-spaced, etc.], let us know ... or we’ll let you know.

Oy vey ...