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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Elections … what’s it all mean?


There's nothing in the street
Looks any different to me
And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
And the parting on the left
Is now the parting on the right
And the beards have all grown longer overnight

I suspect Republicans will gloat about how they took their country back (although I still can’t help but see images of actual native American Indians whenever I hear that dopey-assed phrase). The shit Ron Paul has been shoveling will continue to delude those who think big business needs more of a free hand at riding roughshod over the populace. Tea Partiers will probably ignore losses in districts where there was genuine competition (in numbers) and will think it can win the White House in 2012 (giving the GOP a severely nervous stomach in another year or so—when the Presidential campaigning begins anew).

Democrats now have the all important to any future failure "built in excuse" for the next two years of the same (it’ll be the Republican Congress keeping them from bringing about “change” — ignoring the veto proof majority they squandered) … and to hear some Democrats spinning Obama’s “accomplishments” since he came to office, you’d think he really was the messiah. He’s not. He hasn’t been close. It was his party that kept legislation “for the people” from being enacted (bark, blue dogs). It was Obama himself who didn’t push for national health insurance and instead gave insurance companies something they’re very comfortable with (without keeping them from raising rates 10-40% in the meantime). It was his party that made Bush’s bailout of AIG look miniscule by comparison (Bush on steroids). And for those who insist it saved the economy because they’re now paying back the loans, try and remember the loans were OUR money and that Peter (AIG) borrowed from YOU and ME to pay Paul (Goldman Sachs), etc.

I’m not sure what independents think about the elections last night. Frankly I was a bit unnerved when I saw some of the stats offered by CNN regarding where they leaned at the exit polls. Way too many went to the right for me to feel good about a possible third party in 2012.

Speaking of Third Parties … The Democratic faithful forget how Clinton defeated Bush I not too long ago (Perot) and use Nader (Gore-Bush II) as their excuse for rewarding the Democratic Party over and over and over (while the Democratic Party ignores the democratic left hook, line and sinker). Perot, with a disaster of a VP pick in the VP debates, managed nearly half of Bush’s popular vote and nearly 19% nationally. As it turned out, Perot (an independent) sunk Bush (the Republican) and gifted the election to slick Willy (the Democrat). 19% nationally when the winner (Clinton) took but 44% ... is a 3rd party really an impossibility (or are liberal Democrats more comfortable cowering behind blue dogs)?

They (liberal Democrats) insist it was Nader’s fault they lost to Bush in his second election. God forbid Gore earned his election. But they don't stop there ... they continue to blame all things Bush on Nader when it was the Dems themselves who voted for just about everything Bush proposed (including both wars), even after the Democrats had a Congressional majority after 2006. Talk about living in fear ...

We at Temporary Knucksline have no idea where this country is headed politically … and that is probably the beauty of how the deck is rigged (capitalism, I speak of here) … so long as we’re all (the little people) struggling to survive, we don’t have the time to get more involved (the consistently low voter turnout vs. other democracies; not to mention the lack of 3rd, 4th, 5th parties). We’re either too busy or too spoiled, but it remains mind numbing (at least to me) how this country continues to play a never ending game of political ping pong using the same ball (Republican/Democrat) over and over and over.

There are some Libertarian stands we support; no more drug laws for anyone old enough to die for their country (you silly bastards in Cali-focking-fornia/and we at TK don’t even smoke it); some substantial repealing of regulations suppressing “SMALL” businesses; no BAILOUTS; no regulations on abortion, religion and finally legalizing the rights of gays to marry and do every other dopey thing heterosexuals get to do (including fighting wars without declaring anything other than their oath to serve and protect) …

On the other hand, we at TK also want national health insurance, an absolute restriction on campaign contributions and genuine regulation of major industries (banking, oil, defense, etc.) with genuine punishments for those who corrupt the system (real jail time to be served in state penitentiaries (in population—not protective custody) where the offenses occur. Should they be federal offenses, time gets served in the nearest state pen. And this sure and shit should be retroactive so that the smug bastards at Goldman Sachs and the like get to plan their next vacations around discounted body lubricants.

But, let’s face it, nothing much is going to change now that the flip side of the same coin has control of Congress. Mr. Obama will be forced to start campaigning by mid 2011 while the Republicans sort out the mess of candidates they’ll need to try and convince America it needs to be further taken back by (oy vey) …

I don’t know, amici … I guess last night is why booze makes the most sense these days … that and that other stuff Californians prefers to smoke behind closed doors.


Look at these silly bastards jumping around (video below) … and what’s up with that drum sticks twirling? Just play, brothers … just play.

Silliness aside, Moon was one hell of a drummer …


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