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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Doc says (with some TK political correctness help) ...


You'd think the compassionate one would be swimming in his beer bath after Tuesday's elections, but not our Mr. Happy ... he's still a bit grumpy (because the tea party failed so miserably or was it the Senate?). It took the staff here at TK a couple of days to decide on the censorship it would have to wield and in the end, here's what we came up with (something that may have the Doc drinking with both hands):

A TK censored post from our favorite wingnut ... (TK's comments in italics)

So what did the election mean, Chaz?

Well, we took out some of the trash, but the house still stinks. I kind of hope that there was some election chicanery going on. I would hate to think that people would actually re-elect Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and Barney Frank willingly. Nevada has an official unemployment rate of 15%, so that means the actual rate must be around 22%. And you give Harry Reid another 6 years to work his creepy undertaker magic?

The mac daddy (oy vey) is headed to India this week at an estimated cost of $200 MILLION per day (actually that’s a bogus number and although TK isn’t happy President Obama is making yet another trip, the exaggerated cost needs to be addressed since it came from a blogger in India). Hell, for about $100 million you could round up every person in India and bring them here. Of course when the mac daddy rolls he makes P. Diddy look like some broke ass flunky (oy vey again). He’ll be showing up with his entourage of 3,000 of his closest friends, 40 planes and 34 warships (the planes and warships, we think are also an exaggeration from the same Indian blogger). Now why the hell would you need 34 warships to visit India? Unless of course he was trying to get our jobs back. (Good on’em and about time, if that’s what he’s going for--to bring our jobs back home).

India is naturally making their own preparations for his arrival. They are actually removing all the [Temporary Knucksline Political Correctness Committee redacted this part] ... but I’ve already had far too many run-ins with the Knucksline Political Correctness Committee (Yes, we know. Triple oy vey).

India has always had food shortages and I will share this factoid with my Hindu buddies to avoid almost certain starvation. [Temporary Knucksline Political Correctness Committee redacted this part too] ... the bears hang their food up in the trees.

And California has once again failed to make pot legal. They have however succeeded in making Happy Meals illegal. What a state! Hard to imagine why they would be bankrupt.

One of the few good things to come out of California ...

Check out those DW Drums ...

Have a great weekend