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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grumpy Knucks (Job II) ... Another Democratic Victory?


Doc received a much more animated version of the story below ... but this is for public consumption and just in case the tea party whack jobs do find their way into power, I’m trimming some of the animated language from said story.

Job was a biblical character screwed sixteen ways to Sunday because Satan challenged God. God chose Job (substitute Knucks here) to prove to Satan that masochism is a good thing.

Sunday, after pissing off one of my 11 fans nationwide by leaving the signing early (before she lugged all my books to be signed), God screwed me by killing my always (until then) dependable Honda (3 working doors and all) ... we had it towed and the mechanic said (the next day), "I can't find anything wrong with it, Knucks." We let him keep it for 3 days and he still said it was okay, especially after he tightened a few wires under the distributor cap (whatever the MF that is) ... so, last night (Friday), Job II had to play drums at a studio on the other side of New Jersey ... but first, Mr. and Mrs. Job II decided it was time to buy a new used car ... so we went to a dealer Mrs. Job II had been online with and we chose a 2005 Volvo S40 ... a mini tank ... but it needs to be tuned up, etc., so we told the guy we'd come back and test drive it again once he had it up to speed. It was 6:30 p.m. ... Mrs. Job II had an appointment in Staten Island so she took the rental one way; Mr. Job II had that studio on the other side of New Jersey to go to so he took the Honda (that there was “nothing wrong with”). Mr. Job II drove on the Garden State Parkway searching for Exit 153B. At 141, the Honda died.

My name there ... please, do me a favor already. I'm not good at suffering ...

It was towed to Newark, but fortunately, Mr. Job II caught Mrs. Job II before she went to her appointment on Staten Island and she followed the tow truck to Newark and we were able to attend the studio session on the other side of New Jersey (which was good, because I needed to bang something).

Now it’s Saturday morning and I get to try and get the dead Honda back from a Newark tow yard. Great ... there’s nothing more I want to do. My day off (Friday) turned into another tow truck nightmare and now I get to do it one more time. God be warned, I am getting good at this ... so he (or she) will have to find another way to torture me soon. Doc says I can expect lightning bolts and locusts ... I'll settle for a lunch date with him in the Irish bar of his choice (remember that nightmare Chris on the Sopranos had? Paraphrasing: "I dreamed I died and went to hell. It was an Irish bar and we were playing craps, but all the Irishmen were winning.")

Life’s been good to who so far?

Mind that Healthcare Gap ...

Health Care Costs rise as insurance companies take advantage of “the gap” ... once again, the brain trust at the White House (all those Ivy leaguers who know so much more than the rest of us) ignored pleas for stipulations when they signed the watered-down (total bullshit) health care reform into law (the one they didn’t bother reading) and now the gap between the law's passage and when Insurance Companies will be somewhat capped has become their opportunity to stick it to all of us. Increases from 10-40% are now being levied against their customers (you, me, our employers, etc.) while Democrats write this off by saying “Well, they were doing that anyway.”

Yeah, so what happened to National Health Insurance?

So, my beef with the Democratic Party increases... not only are they duplicitous in the extreme (the party of the people my ass), they have now proven beyond a reasonable doubt they are as incompetent as they are duplicitous. The way they could’ve written stipulations into their bailout for big bucks campaign two years ago, they could have added stipulations to their fugazy health care bill that PRECLUDED insurance companies from taking advantage of the gap between the bill’s passage and enforcement.

I had to try and digest my breakfast while watching CNN debate “the gap” this morning ... even the guy hosting the debate asked the democratic Congresswoman from Philadelphia, “Couldn’t you foresee this coming?”

And her answer was, “But they were doing it anyway, raising rates 10, 20, 30 and 40%.”

As Dave Terrenoire once put it, “Sweet Jesus on a Vespa.”

Sorry, President Obama is ultimately responsible for this fiasco he wants to claim is health care reform. Those on the true left (not the left that caved in at the last minute, i.e., Michael Moore, Dennis Kucinich, et al for the sake of a dream as opposed to the reality they could’ve demanded), see this as one more FAILURE of this president and HIS Party. Way to go, Hahvahd. Those insurance companies you “reformed” continue to laugh their way to the banks (who’ve been laughing since you gave them $800 billion of our dollars).