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Thursday, September 2, 2010

An apology for Sam:


Okay, okay, I kind of lost my bearings today over on that dopey Facebook thing ... I didn’t catch myself doing something I’ve been critical of at other political blogs. To wit, name calling. No more Fredo from me when referring to President Obama. DOC coined the term and he gets to use it. No more President Clueless either (from me). My bad. Hopefully the apology is accepted.

My beef with liberal democrats is simple: I don’t see the difference between being ignored and losing an election. I understand the pubic hair to the left the Democratic Party sometimes moves is worth the wait for some people. I think it’s foolish to reward a party that says one thing and does an about face on it as soon as they FINALLY have the power to get something done.

For those of you who remember, TK (much to DOC’s chagrin) supported Obama in the 2008 presidential election. Mrs. Knucks, a lifelong Democrat, felt very enthusiastic going in. I had reservations, but didn’t think he’d be this much a bust. He is.

Don’t get too excited, TK (before it was TK) supported George Bush in back-to-back elections (a scar Knucks will have to wear in shame forever). A lifelong Democrat until I went legit, I was fed up with the Democratic Party for all their talk and the very little they achieved in my lifetime. My brief tryst with the Republicans was a lesson learned. I have no use for either party anymore and not enough years left to make believe there is a difference.

I encourage people to vote outside the two party system. It is a rigged deck. We all seem to know it, yet too many of us reward it. The Republican Party does its best to hide its support of big business behind a fugazy veil of patriotism (and is willing to start absurd wars over it). The Democratic Party does its best to hide its incestual relationship with big business with talk, talk and more talk about being the party of the people, yet it follows lockstop (and on steroids) the predecessor administration’s support of big business (and LEST WE FORGET its Senate voted 29-21 to go to war with Iraq).

President Obama, before he became anything “elected”, grabbed his first political position via lawyers (by disqualifying black American incumbents over signatures). Not something I tend to admire, a win by technical default. My beef with him should be more with his party, except it isn’t. This guy had the charisma and the political capital to truly “change” things. He didn’t. He’s basked in his own glory (Nobel Peace Prize, et al) and threw (and continues to throw) White House parties and take expensive vacations and prove himself more an opportunist than a leader. What he displayed instead of leadership, while Americans built tent cities, was an absolute disregard for what we all were going through (and still are). His inability to realize the people on the other side of the aisle weren’t going to make nice was astounding. Obama cut into their piece of the big business pie. They weren’t happy, except then he quickly rewarded big business with mega billion bailouts, following the lead of GW and by appointing former Wall Streeters to run the show.

My beef with him is how he let down the American worker across the board. He allowed the biggest scam in the history of this country (making Bernie Madoff look like a rank amateur) to take place and he’s done nothing since to rescind any of it. I harp on what those bailouts meant to the American worker because they undid what workers struggled for decades to achieve. We now turn on each other (because civil servants can retire at age 40 on $70K a year, our dander gets up ... but have we forgotten how CEO’s who BANKRUPTED the economy (and our 401K’s) rewarded themselves with RECORD multi-million dollar bonuses for their retirement (except they didn't have to retire, did they?) ... and all with our money.

But Sam is right. I shouldn’t call Obama names. That’s DOC’s job. What I won’t do is reward him (or his fugazy party) for doing NOTHING for me and mine aside from taking from our pockets to give to his friends at Goldman Sachs (the same friends he was so anxious {after giving away the store}, to “reform”--even though those “reforms” were humble at best and came 2 years post-scam).

I don’t believe a third party can NEVER win the presidency. Like most anarchists, I believe that when things get bad enough, people will respond. But no, I don’t believe the tea party is real. I think it is an excuse to vote Republican. Likewise, socialists who go on television to blame Republicans are kidding who exactly? They’re an excuse to vote Democrat.

Marx had religion to blame as an opiate of the masses. We have technology; too many of us are somewhat brain dead from it. The rest of us are too busy trying to survive. Sooner or later, if things get bad enough, people will do what they have to. It may even get ugly.

A recent Time cover said it all: Home ownership is no longer an investment. Great, I wish somebody would’ve told me that three years ago ... before I worked (legitimately) 7 days a week so the government could take an extra $26K from us in taxes (while my wife worked full time and attended nursing school full time {because they haven’t figured out how to outsource that yet}). We feel we were doing everything right and were shafted for our efforts.

It is appalling what this government (both sides) did with those bailouts. For those who feel comfortable rewarding them for it, well, Sam is right, there’s nothing to debate.

For those who are truly fed up, we vote anything but Republican or Democrat. And, yes, our reasoning is straightforward (like it or not): When we don’t win, what’s the difference?