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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Send in the Clowns … Madame Hotti … the Pope … Gov. Mark Sanford … After the Fall … Revolutionary Road … Defiance … July 18th …


Send in the Clowns ... It’s good to see the right Reverend Al Sharpton rallying around the Gloved One’s demise ... the image of him, Jesse Jackson and Joe Jackson standing together at a recent press conference was a wonderful sight ... three men of integrity about to capitalize on the opportunity of a lifetime ... yes, he was gloved and yes he was loved, but he was also 51 cards short a full deck, a walking, talking freak show and a pedophile … but in death comes a rebirth of opportunities and the three clowns that appeared together (in part to hawk Joe Jackson’s new record label) sure know how to take advantage of an opportunity. Move over Gloved One and say hello to the Al, Jesse and Joe show. We're sure all three will be crying ... whether the tears will be happy or sad ones, well ...

Madame Hotti ... There’s a ton of speculation regarding just what did in Sarah Palin’s gubernatorial career ... while some wonder if she’s finally come to terms with reality (that the Presidency just ain’t gonna happen in her lifetime), some wonder if it’s some weird mathematical formula for her to come back strong in 2012 and others are thinking maybe there’s another skeleton about to pop out of her diminishing clothes (due to legal expenses) closet. We at Knucksline just assume the GOP is in such dire straights, they paid her legal debts with a promise to fund whatever new ones arise in the near future for the sake of saving whatever shot moderate republicans have of not looking ridiculous yet again. While conservatives anguish over the hot one’s retreat (and some try and defend her quitting), those in the know say Sarah had to be removed before it was too late (and they’re talking about 2016). 2012 will probably be a welcomed concession for the GOP … mostly because the Dems appear to be operating the same as they always do (like Republicans). Knucksline’s prediction that the GOP is dead was wrong; we have no doubt the Democrats will likely resurrect the 14th century all over again. Chasing independents back the other way seems to be their forte.

The Pope ... Benedict XVI said the blind pursuit of profit and economic mismanagement had "wreaked havoc" on the global economy. “The market,” said the Pope, “must not become the place where the strong prevail over the weak.” I don’t know about yous, but it’s the first time in a long time I like what any pope has to say … about pretty much anything. The UN must have teeth, he also feels. I’d feel a lot better when he gave up that Boston pedophile (Cardinal Bernard Law—who, I’m sure, will be fervently watching the gloved one’s memorial service) living within the sanctuary of the Vatican walls, but his veer toward socialism on the market gives him points with me. As for the UN ... well, I walk past it every day at lunch and it still looks like a potential casino (or parking lot) to me.

Gov. Mark Sanford ... the executive committee of the South Carolina Republican party decided not to call on Gov. Mark Sanford to resign last night. Odds Botkins (or something like that) ... this clown (Sanford) was all over Bubba for his indiscretions but wants to continue governing after his own failings of the flesh. It seems like the party of morality just can’t get out of its own way ... then add the hypocrisy (“a time for healing”) factor and it seems they’re enjoying the spotlight. No fan of Bubba (for being a lousy president), Knucksline had (and has) no problem with executives playing the field ... it’s when they can’t (or don’t) tend to business when we take issue(s) ... and there’s no way a guy (or gal) can tend to business when they’re trying to cover up an affair (never mind after they’ve been bagged). I don’t know how the SC Republican party decided to let Sanford roll with the punches, but it sure gives the half-assed Democratic left (those content with whatever the new administration does no matter how Republican or pro business it is) fodder for their half-assed cause.

After the Fall ... Arthur Miller’s play dealing with his marriage to Marilyn Monroe, his mother’s evisceration of his father and the other women in his life (the two wives sandwiching Ms. Monroe). I didn’t get a chance yet to see a performance, but I did read it. Not my favorite Miller play, but it is Arthur Miller and American theatre doesn’t get much better.

Revolutionary Road ... finalmentamia ... I finally got to see Revolutionary Road this weekend ($4.99) and it was a very good rendition of the Yates book (although I highly recommend the book over the movie—especially the ending—because the book is that good). Kate Winslet is an amazing actress and although DiCaprio sometimes seems too young for some roles, he’s perfect for this one. Read the book, then see the movie. Excellent.

Defiance ... another very well spent $4.99 home purchase (so much better than the $32-$40 ripoffs at theatres). Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell were all terrific in this vicious tale of survival during an insane time. The movie runs a bit long, but you’ll hardly notice. Based on a true story, Defiance is an amazing story about three brothers who manage to lead 1200 fellow Jews through the forests of Belarus and escape the insanity of the holocaust.

July 18th ... We’re still on for the First Annual Casa Stella Summer Fest. Come meet the DOC and his most avid gun slinging supporter (the Jennmeister). Come hungry ... there’ll be plenty of grub.