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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And the DOC says ...

Good morning, Chaz,

Do you remember where you were when the gloved one bought it?


I always enjoy Al Sharpton, but he is at his best when he smells money. He's been all over the TV lately explaining how much good Michael Jackson has done for the black community. Michael Jackson was black? Michael Jackson makes Pee Wee Herman look swarthy. He spent a fortune to turn himself into an albino Diana Ross. I never saw him take a lot of pride in his African roots. Well, maybe he was black. He did give two of his sons the same name (shades of George Foreman).

Sarah Palin ... just leave her alone, Chaz. Maybe she has finally realized that she does not have the elitist credentials to join the frat boys in Washington. She enjoyed hunting wolves. She didn't have the heart to become one.

The Pope... just leave him alone, Chaz. If you thought Muldoon's was hot, wait until you see hell. And, there is no pasta there.

Just leave the U.N. as the toothless dog that it is. It is so corrupt at this point if you gave them any power, they would be firing on the Honduran dissidents. As it is now, the only harm they do is taking all the good parking spots in Manhattan.

I honestly think Governor Sanford was walking down the Appalachian Trail. When he saw how much abuse he was taking, he made up the whole thing about the Argentine mistress so he could blend back in with his political cohorts. His major mistake was in not realizing what an email is.

According to Webster...
Email: an electronic communication that will eventually be read by someone it was not sent to (probably on public airwaves)

Personally, Chaz, I can't understand your recent march toward socialism. You worked two jobs until the government decided that the only break they would give to big business is to let them outsource all their jobs to third world countries, with no penalty. Let me explain socialism to you in terms you can understand.

You finish your second shift and come home dead tired. Sitting on your front steps are three fat guys drinking 40s. They have been waiting for you to come home with the groceries and cook something up. They want to share your food, Chaz. And they are hungry from waiting. That's Socialism!

In the other scenario, you shoot two of the fat guys and let the other one escape to warn other fat guys to never show up at Casa Stella. That's Capitalism!

Now, go to work... the fat boys are getting hungry.

Your pal,