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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And the DOC says ...

Oh Chaz,

Still whining about the Dems and the Reps. You think the Dems are acting like the Reps. For years I've had trouble telling the 2 apart. Who did the Reps run for President ... McCain ... the Maverick. Maverick, my ass. If he sided with the Dems once in a while, he might be a maverick. He sided with them all the time. I think that makes you a Democrat.

At this point, Chazmeister, there are just 2 groups ... The Elites (D.C.) and The Schlubs (you). And The Elites are not even bothering to hide their contempt for you anymore. In the olden days there was a third group ... the press. They just waited for D.C. to make some kind of screw-up so they could jump ugly with them.

Today, all the press wants is to get invited to the Bamster's Wednesday night cocktail party.

Examples of contempt for your left wing blogsters:

Barbara Boxer dresses down a Brigadier General for calling her ma'am. "I worked so hard for this title."

And how would that be? Endless fund raisers? He probably got shot at to earn his title.

All the new cabinet appointees forget to pay their taxes or don't think that income is taxable. Well, obviously that is the kind of guy we need to be Secretary of Treasury.

The first bill he signs contains 9,000 earmarks. One of them gives 4 BILLION DOLLARS to ACORN. At least he pays his debts. Unfortunately, he pays them with our money.

Double digit unemployment and the Bamster goes on a $24,000 date after sending Air Force One on a $250,000 photo-op.

Interest rates are going up. Gas is going up. Taxes are going up.

And the Bamster is getting tough with flavored cigarettes.

Who the fuck smokes flavored cigarettes? Richard Simmons?

Czars ... Since when did czars become a good thing? What exactly is a czar?

Well, Skippy, it's a high-paying, no-show job that enables the Bamster to circumvent congress, but they haven't figured that out yet. They're getting ready for Summer Break. You're on Summer Break too Chaz, except you call it being laid off.

Oh, and you don't get paid while you are on break ... they do.

The press conference:

Media: Mr. President, may I first say that you handled yourself beautifully against that fly. You said that you would not be hiring any lobbyists yet your cabinet is full of them. Why is that?

Bamster: Let me first say that you handled yourself beautifully at your first and last press conference. We will all miss you. The government is a series of checks and balances. The lobbyists are there to level the playing field in case I ever hire some honest men.

I could go on, but the liquor store is closing soon and I don't have a hot tub to soak my worries away. I have to rely on copious amounts of over-taxed whiskey.

Keep smiling, Bro
Your pal.
The Docster