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Thursday, June 11, 2009

And the Doc says ...


DOC seems to have taken even more sarcastic exception to my love of all things Buffalo (while the world collapses around us?) ... today he wrote me (in response to my last post directly below this one):

Dear Chaz,

You have no idea what a blessing receiving the latest edition of Knucksline was to me today. There I was in the depths of despair. The U.S.A has shot right past the French model of government and veered straight toward Venezuela. G.M. is now a government entity, so their new offerings will be designed by the Bama himself. I hear the 2010 Corvette has a 3 cylinder engine and a vinyl roof with a heart-shaped rear window. The purple fedora is still an option.

The Bamster's "America Sucks Apology Tour" has ended and everyone still hates us. Well, except for Venezuela, North Korea and Hezbollah.

We have traded the demure Laura Bush for some angry chick who looks like Wilt Chamberlain in a dress.

...and then like a white dove, the latest Knucksline graces my mailbox and I find out that it's almost football season and (OMG!!) the Buffalo Bills have a new player!!!

Won't that just be grand!!

We can all leave our refrigerator boxes under the highway overpass and our vans parked down by the river.

Walk down to Walmart.

Shave and wash up in their restroom.

Stuff our pockets with paper towels (so it looks like we have some money).

Wander over to the electronics section.

Make believe we're shopping... and watch the game.

That will be sweet. Maybe at halftime you can slink over to the candy aisle and steal some peanuts.

Not to mention, that by Fall, America will be safer cause DHS will have hunted down those returning vets and NRA members and sent them down to all those empty cells in Club Gitmo.

And... since they are not Muslim, they won't need that special food anymore... back to bologna sandwiches on white bread. Good old American prison food.

I hope that when we get there I have the cell next to you...cause you're my hero.

All this and the Buffalo Belles have a new player named Stick. It doesn't get any better than this! Makes me wonder what special gifts the Global Warming Winter will bring.

You are my sunshine, Chaz-man
inmate #9987524

On a personal note:

Sahara told me to tell you to tell Anne Marie that we have her good baking dish/pan/bowl. It seemed to be like an "Honor" thing for women. So decide if you want us to go down to you or you can come up to us to pick it up.

Last weekend the pool was 67 degrees. I learned last year that you do not go in the pool until it is over 68. I swam for about 20 minutes last year when it was 68 and when I came out my fingers were the same color as a corpse. Scared the crap out of me, I think by this weekend, it should be okay.

I checked with an expert if you jumping in the pool would cause a problem.

Mayor Ray Nagin said "No problem. Don't worry about it!"

You have an open invitation