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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Week in Review … Weddings, football ... Mr. and Mrs. Obama … a book fair (meet Mr. and Mrs. Knucks) ... a very sad note ...


Charles Stella married Leslie Sharpe on Saturday, September 11, 2010 in Wilmington, Delaware …

Jets vs. Hottie reporter ... are you kidding me? Sorry, but my dinosaur comes out with this story. What the hell does anyone expect? Yous put a tomata this hot in a room (or practice field) full of testosterone and think what else was going to happen, exactly? Maybe they should've been practicing football more than catcalls, but have you seen this broad? Momma mia ... forgetaboutit.

My beloved New York State Buffalo Bills … were the joke of the week on ESPN and pretty much all other media venues with their piss poor offensive performance against the Dolphinations of Miami. There was some good stuff going on with our defense but future hall of famer Trent Edwards was having problems moving the ball.

That said, we weren’t one tenth the disappointment the Y-E-T-S, Yets, Yets, Yets were to their fans over in the great and corrupt state of New Jersey. The Moonachie Yets were about as bad as it gets and until (as Boomer Esiason pointed out on sports radio) they take the “training wheels” off Mark Sanchez, they’re gonna suck an awful lot of wind. The Yets don’t figure it out fast, they’ll be looking at a reverse of last season’s record (7-9).

Speaking of windbags, how ‘bout it Rex, time to put a lid on it yet maybe? Ya’ think?

Ray Lewis had this to say …

Both the Cowgirls of Dallas Texas and the Skinless of Washington Reds put on an equally dismal offensive show. Quite frankly, it looks like the one-time toughest division in all of football is looking like a bowl full of parity this season. This could open the door for the Moonachie Giants to find their way once again and return to the playoffs with steam if they can build up some more confidence.

The New England Cheaterfaces looked about as good as it gets on offense the other day but I’m not so sure it was them playing so good or the Bengals being the traditional bust they always turn out to be. I lost a ton of respect for Bengal coach what’s his face for making excuses for his two top receivers walking off before the half (and one last chance at a hail Mary), although I doubt the most overrated QB in NFL history (Carson Palmer) would’ve done anything with the opportunity. The Cheaterface offense will get tested against the Yets defense, although two scores (field goals, safeties or TD’s) should nail down an easy win against the hapless Yet offense.

The Chefs pulled one off against the San Diego Chargerless and that was pretty neat to see. That division should be wide open this season … anybody (but the Raiderettes) could figure.

The Texans over the Coltless … what a beautiful thing that was … Peyton threw 53 times? How’d that work out for them?

The Lions was robbed and the Bears should hide their heads in shame. My super bowl pick (Lions-Bills) may well get derailed by the officiating in both games as NFL officials tried their best to cover the spreads with penalty flags. Before any of yous think it’s sour grapes, think NBA and their officials (like it doesn’t happen).

Player of the week was Joe Flacco … after taking that hit on first down in the first quarter, I would’ve thought he folded the rest of the game. This kid looks about 14, but he’s all man and earns total respect for not only staying in the game but doing pretty damn good against a great defense. One has to think Baltimore is the team to beat in the AFC after Monday night.

President Obama took a hard one on the chin from Maureen Dowd as she documented the loss of her sister’s vote for “change” … Peggy Dowd, an Obamican who fell for the hype, charm and opportunity to be a part of history has come to terms with reality. Here’s the crux of the article:

Peggy thinks the president has done fine managing W.’s messes in Iraq and Afghanistan. And she lights up at the mention of his vice president, Joe Biden. But she thinks Obama has to get “a backbone” if he wants to lure her back to the fold. “He promised us everything, saying he would turn the country around, and he did nothing the first year,” Peggy says. “He piddled around when he had 60 votes. He could have pushed through the health care bill but spent months haggling on it because he wanted to bring some Republicans on board. He was trying too hard to compromise when he didn’t need the Republicans and they were never going to like him. Any idiot could see that.

“He could have gotten it through while Teddy Kennedy was still alive — he owed the Kennedys something — and then the bill was watered down.

“He hasn’t saved the economy, and now he’s admitting he’s made very little progress. You can’t for four years blame the person who used to be president. Obama tries to compromise too much, and he doesn’t look like a strong leader. I don’t watch him anymore. I’m turned off by him. I think he’s an elitist. He went down to the gulf, telling everyone to take a vacation down there, and then he goes to Martha’s Vineyard. He does what he wants but then he tells us to do other things.

“I want him in that White House acting like a president, not out on the campaign trail. Not when the country is going down the toilet.”

For the record, that was Peggy Dowd inferring President Obama couldn’t see what any idiot could (regarding Republican non-support of his policies).

So-called Elitists like the title and often take pleasure in what they think is a concession to their smarts by the fact of their being labeled as such. The problem with that arrogance is they believe they can do no wrong … they’re above it all … they know better … they have private education and Ivy league degrees. Yeah? So what happened?

I know sanitation workers who could’ve done a better job of handling those bailouts than the last two Presidents (one from Yale, the other from Harvard). Hell, I know I would’ve earned LARGE off that $800 billion and had the guys I lent it to painting my house on weekends.

Mrs. Obama ... On the other hand, I watched Michelle Obama’s speech at Shanksville, PA on 9-11 in my room at the Dupont Hotel in Wilmington Delaware and it was heartfelt and wonderful. Unlike Doc, I like her … a lot. It is a damn shame her husband is turning out to be a Presidential bust.

The Gryphon Book Fair this Sunday ... Mr. and Mrs. Knucks will be there with some much more successful authors; we’ll be representing the Lions-Bills faction of the writing world.

On a very sad note, David Thompson, the owner of Murder by the Book in Houston, Texas and publisher of Busted Flush Press died suddenly on September 13. David was truly one of the most generous people in the business and a terrific promoter. I can’t tell you how good he made us feel when we visited his store with Mafiya a few years back. I’ve established lifelong friendships through his venues. The publishing world took a big hit with his loss. David was one of the truly great guys in the business. Our prayers go out to his wife, McKenna and all their friends and family.