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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trains, apologies, tow trucks, the Bills and Lady Gaga …


Back in the day, the ugly one drove Cadillacs (several different ones) and although one was a hell of a car (the Sedan De Ville), the other two (Eldorado and Seville) were garbage that fell apart as I drove them. I also used to drive a friend around in his Fleetwood Brougham and that boat was nothing but a pleasure (the greatest battleship ever produced, you ask me) … but then I was published and so began the legitimate (lean) years (money, not weight) … flash forward a dozen years and my screw-up at a signing the other day in Manhattan (for which this post is part public apology to one Cynthia Bona—she was nice enough to lug all her copies of my books to the signing but I had left early—not the first time I did this—I once did it to Doc too) to try and see the start of the Yets-Cheaterface game. God punished me for my indiscretion (and killed our 12 year old Honda with 165,000 miles on it just 1 mile from our exit on the Jersey turnpike).

Before I forget, Cynthia, if you’re reading this … consider this an open invitation to lunch on me. I am truly very sorry for taking off before the end of the book fair. The offer stands whenever you’re ready to forgive me.

So, it’s either off to the showroom or Knucks learns how to roller skate to work starting next week.

My beloved New York State Buffalo Bills … well, what can I say, Trent Edwards is out and we’re starting an Irishman in his place. Oy vey … a Fitzpatrick or Fitzgerald or some such name. Then again, it was an Irishman who brought us near glory in the early 90’s (Kelly) … so onward, Bills! I almost feel sorry for the Cheaterfaces from New England this week … almost.

In the Studio … the ugly one sits on his throne (not that one) and plays some tunes this Friday night in a Parsippany, NJ studio with a band he's been playing with. Some of the music is real to life fun (especially their originals) and some is … well, painful. So it goes …

Lady Gaga gets political … normally I wouldn’t resist to yap sarcastically about these kinds of celebrities but she is trying to do the right thing … the problem is it has to do with “don’t ask/don’t tell” and the votes she’s trying to sway are of the “no way, Jose” kind (i.e., the Republican Party lockstep "NO" vote because they smell blood in the water and President Obama has been hemorrhaging since he was inaugurated). So, to clarify, it’s not only okay to get your head blown off before you can have a beer in most states, you can’t admit to being homosexual. Righties, please, it’s time to grow up about this.

So, you go Girl/Lady … Who cares if you’re a Madonna wannabe or that you repeat the same words 4,000 x’s per song ... big ups to you, G-Girl.

And on that note …