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Friday, September 3, 2010

DOC says ...


There's no keeping him shackled any longer ... the DOC has his own column. Yous will no longer need to scroll down to his charm filled responses to my posts. Here he is, addressing me ... again:

Le Doc:

Let me see if I got this straight, Chaz.

You are now this born-again disciple of the brotherhood of man while I remain a rabid, junkyard dog pissing on everything in sight. Is that about right? On the bright side, we’ve seen this shift to benevolence before and it has the lifespan of a Britney Spears marriage.

The Bamster has given his speech declaring that the war is over in Iraq. Notice there was no mention of “victory”, but in his speeches there never is. Our only presence at this time is 50,000 advisors. Maybe I’m a trifle jaded, but doesn’t 50,000 seem like a shitload of advisors? I might want 50,000 advisors if I were overseeing, oh, I don’t know… maybe the galaxy. Let’s face it, more than half the country wears sandals. You could cripple their industrial complex with a C130 cargo plane loaded with thumbtacks.

By the same measure, I would imagine that when we declare the war in Afghanistan to be over (no mention of victory there either) we will leave another 50,000 advisors behind. All this for a patch of rocks that has, if you exclude the annual crop of poppies, a gross national product equivalent to the average, NYC, hot dog cart.

More angst for the Chazmeister: As soon as Lindsay Lohan flies free of the slammer, Paris Hilton gets busted for cocaine. Fear not, she said the cocaine was not hers. I’m sure the authorities never heard that one before.

The 2 pictures I sent you last Saturday, were picked up by the Drudge Report on Monday. The one with Putin, the soon to be leader of the Kremlin, shooting at whales with a freaking crossbow.

And our imperial leader,

looking like a stunt double in Peewees Big Adventure. Complete with girl’s bike and a helmet that he borrowed from Betty White.

After a grueling 4 days on the job the Bamster is off to Camp David for some well-deserved R&R. The Knucksline accounting staff puts in more hours per week than this muppet.

The State Department has dropped a dime on Arizona to the U.N. Human Rights Commission. AZ’s Immigration Law will now be judged by the fair and balanced team from Red China, Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Libya. Nice going, Hillary. I would calculate that these champions of human rights will be appalled that we would treat illegal immigrants as if they had broken some law.

So, you’re still pushing that third party agenda? That way, when your Steam Engine Party candidate loses you can blame me for all the ills of the country. Not to worry, mate, I’m getting used to it.

Last weekend, Glenn Beck held his rally with an estimated 300,000 participants or as the mainstream media reported it: “Well over 87 people in the predominately white crowd”

If they want to play like that, that’s fine, but they have to be consistent.

How about: “Today Obama signed the bill passed by the predominately white senate to bail out the predominately white banking industry.”


“The predominately white staff of MSNBC reports that Obama was entertained by Paul McCartney, front man for the exclusively white, rock band, the Beatles.”

Have a great Labor Day weekend