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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Doc says (and sings) ... oy vey ...


Oh, Lordy, he's gone nuts again ... TK takes no responsibility for Doc's "asshole song" below ... but we sure wish he included a few representatives of his party of choice ... like the one who could see Russia from her house ... the one who apologized to BP ... the one who started both wars we obviously can't win (the same one who started the bailouts and felt rich people deserved bigger tax breaks) ... the one with the forever tan speaking for the latest contract ON America (the pledge photocopied from a 90's playbook) ... and, of course, the latest girl genius who thinks science has cloned mice with developed human brains (and who wanted to legislate against masturbation) ...

Here now, clearly off his meds again, le doc ...

Hey Chaz,


The Volvo S40 is a nice car. I almost bought one once, but then I realized I wasn’t ready to make the lifestyle changes that the car required. You know, carrying the murse (man purse), wearing the Birkenstocks and the driving gloves, changing my name to Brant, joining Amnesty International and Greenpeace, buying a counterfeit NYU sticker for the back window. A 2005 Volvo should come with a “Kerry/Edwards” bumper sticker, but if you write to the factory they will replace it with a “Change You Can Believe In” upgrade at no charge. Drive it in good health.


I got a queasy feeling when Congress decided they should investigate if baseball players were juicing up. If it was any of their business at all, shouldn’t they look at football players first? They weigh 900 pounds and can bench press Rosie O’Donnell, so why baseball players? I figured out that congressmen just wanted to meet their favorite players, so they launched this ludicrous investigation.

Beyond ludicrous, last week, congress had Stephen Colbert, a rich white, comedian testify on behalf of poor, brown, migrant farm workers. Aside from being inappropriate the smug bastard wasn’t even funny. When one of the congressmen, who was so drunk or senile that he couldn’t even put a sentence together, tries to object to this farce the other morons override him. In spite of that, congress wonders why they have a popularity rating slightly below genital herpes.

I’m waiting for our elected officials to launch their in depth investigation of breast implants to determine if Pamela Anderson should have an asterisk next to her name in TV Guide.

Here’s one for our political elite (and Volvo drivers)

Have a good week, Chucky