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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Doc says ...

Hey Chaz,

“Unlike Doc, I like her … a lot.” (Knucksline 09/15/10)
Now what exactly are you trying to tell me here, Chuckles?

The Republicans eat their young
After several Tea Party victories in Tuesday’s primaries the Rep Elites have all but accepted defeat for these newcomers in November. These are the same geniuses who picked a doddering, dinosaur to run against a young, smooth talking, newcomer in 2008.

The Rep Elites have finally realized that America’s sudden thirst for conservative candidates will affect their job security as well. They haven’t totally thrown the new Tea Party candidates under the bus. They are going to send Christine O’Donnel a check for $42,000. That should be more than enough to run one ad on one of those radio stations at the far end of the dial; the stations that only dogs can hear.

For the older amicis, doesn’t Christine O’Donnel remind you of the young Linda Ronstadt. That would be before Linda ate her backup band.

But we’re screwed anyway.

Charlie Rangel despite facing 13 ethics violations sailed to a big win in his district. What must it take for some people to change their habits? Would Charlie have to drive his car off a bridge and kill his passenger, then disappear for 12 hours while he sobered up? Nah, that wouldn’t work either. The real tragedy is that these very same people will be voting in November this year and in 2012.

Since you don’t like me or at least not a lot, I offer you this challenge. Pick the Super Bowl winner now and then refuse to drone on and on about that dopey game until you are vindicated in January. Trust me, the amicis won’t mind.

As far as the Bengals recent loss I have only this to say. This is what happens when you take away convicted felon’s constitutional right to carry firearms on the field. At the very least the quarterback should be allowed to pack heat.

Miscellaneous Crap
The International House of Pancakes is suing the International House of Prayer for copyright infringement (IHOP). Perhaps the International House of Prayer should beseech the Lord for some creativity.

The 2 day employment of voting site workers will be added to the statistics of “Jobs Created” for November. It can’t be long before Unemployment recipients are reclassified as Government Employees and we have 100% employment.

According to a CNN poll, 25% of citizens trust the government to do the right thing (and this is on CNN!) Chaz, I think I have found a 25% market share for our business venture… and our slogan.

“Join the Charlie Stella Fitness Plan today and see your waistline shrink like a government entitlement program!!!”

President Obama's book will be released in November. Between the vacations and weekends and date nights and cocktail parties where does this guy find time to write books? He truly must be the Messiah. By the way, his book is 40 pages long. Now how much did you get paid for Johnny Porno, which was 300 pages longer?

The young Linda sings one of my favorites.

Have a good week.
Your former friend,