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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Scott is coming … Bills-Yets … TK Board meeting Friday Night with Doc …

Reviewed here back in February, Russel D. McLean’s The Lost Sister gets its official release this week (October 1, 2010). Pre-order in the U.S. here. Russel is one of the truly good people in the crime writing world, as he comes from prime stock … and he’s a terrific writer (world class or they wouldn’t be buying and selling his work across the oceans of this world). He’s here to tour with the new book and although he won’t have the same suite as last time he stayed at casa stella (renamed castle stella for Laird McLean’s stay) [the old suite is now a drum room], hopefully he’ll enjoy the new suite directly opposite the old.

Now, while it isn’t easy to forgive the politicians in Scotland who let the Lockerbie bomber out of jail on a fugazy “compassionate release”, TK figures BP and others in the UK had a direct hand in that abortion of justice so Laird McLean gets a pass.

TK does want to suggest another compassionate release (Knucks’ style) here and now: How about yous kidnap the piece of shit back and proceed to release his body through a meat grinder one inch at a time? We here at TK promise to eat raw onions so as to feign compassion …

Lockerbie aside, the ugly one actually owns land in Scotland, one entire square foot worth of Scottish turf at the LaPhroaig distillery and this weekend my brother from another mother will be granted his own square foot of Fords, New Jersey sod just outside Castle Stella; consecrated ground, for sure, as Rigoletto has left his mark there a thousand times or so.

Any of yous in the area who wish to visit with the Scotsman at Castle Stella, send me an email but be prepared to make it for Sunday night because the Laird is only here for three days before he hits the road with The Lost Sister.

Russel has his own blog that comes live from Scotland (when he’s not on the road) …

Bills-Yets … listen to me, we’re poised and ready. We have our mojo back (30 points against the Cheaterfaces last week) … the Yets are over-confident and ready to upset … Reevis and Butheads have no shot this week … Reevis will be reaching for that “bad hammy” all day long as future hall of famer (the Irish kid playing QB) will light up the scoreboard and Mark Sanchize gets schooled on INT’s as the Bills Shout theme song plays over and over and over again (after each Bills TD). Mortgage the house and take the Bills in the upset of the week, Bills 34 – Yets 17 … because NOBODY CIRCLES THE WAGONS LIKE THE BUFFALO BILLS!

Bills shout song:

Friday night the Doc is stopping over for a few as the Board of Directors of Temporary Knucksline has their bi-monthly get shit-faced stockholders meeting.

(Per Doc last week in reference to TK’s disclaimer about his “asshole” song):

Hey Chaz,

That's kind of a lengthy disclaimer for my modest constructive criticisms. Why didn't you warn the amicis not to drive or operate heavy machinery while reading them.

If you're this cranky you must be back on the diet again. I think we need some drinks and pizza this week. We'll call it a TK editorial staff brainstorming session. Pick a day.


Doc sent this link about the beer service he’ll be providing at said shareholders meeting:

To recap: Friday its Doc … Sunday it’s my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills over the Moonachie Yets ... and the Scotsman, Russel D. McLean, is in town with The Lost Sister