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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Ken Burns Vietnam … Book Reviews … Hillary’s Perpetual Blame Game … Angelina Jolie’s Gem … President Bozo …


Ken Burns Vietnam I watched the first episode and was hooked. I had assumed I knew most of what went on before, during, and since the Vietnam War (undeclared war though it remained), but I didn’t. Not near enough. And I fell for the same lies 40 years later with Iraq. Until I realized the lies of the Iraq War, I had been as manipulated as every other sucker who believed in our government as the “do-gooders” in the world.

I missed Vietnam by a year or two … so my luck began at a young age. Everyone should see this documentary, especially those who won’t because they refuse to uncover their eyes and unplug their ears. Their blind faith precludes logic, but so it goes. Fuck them for being stupid. I highly recommend this be viewed by every high school student in the country. It should be required viewing … as should American History X and a few other films/documentaries. It is essential viewing. This government, under both political parties, lied through its teeth about Vietnam the same way it has lied about the wars in the Middle East. They are war crimes wherein the bulk of the blame lies with those we elect to public office. They are war crimes.

The Power of the Dog, Don Winslow … my second Winslow book in a row, and it’s been fun. Winslow offers so much well done research, it’s a wonder any of the America First crowd (the crowd that refuses to acknowledge any portion of the absolute evil this government forces onto other cultures) can stand to read Winslow. The war on drugs and all the underpinnings of governments (Mexican and American) every bit as corrupt as the cartels they claim to chase is exposed in this Winslow offering. Moved by his apparent honesty in the two Winslow books I’ve read (I recently read the sequel to this one, The Cartel, with a much different opinion), I watched a few YouTube interviews of the author and enjoyed what I heard.

Subplots abound, but it’s the characters you’ll follow with enthusiasm, and at times great anxiety.

Field of Girls, Martin Krist … it’s a multi-perspective thriller and page turner from the prologue to the end, with police, former police, a broken marriage and all the issues of parenting that brings, plus a spooky old lady walking the grounds at night in a small German burgh. The storyline rapidly develops and engages. Genetics and socialization crash into one another in the form of evil. Ex-police officer, Alex Lindner, has a past that bleeds into the present. A number of storylines are masterfully unwrapped a tease at a time as this reader grew more and more anxious to continue turning pages.

Hillary’s Perpetual Blame Game … it started with Russia, found some extra life with James Comey, then Jill Stein voters, misogyny, Bernie Bros., et al. Ultimately, Hillary Clinton went after the man and his supporters who obviously gave her the most agita during the 2016 Democrat Primary, Bernie Sanders.

Without going through the laundry list of her flaws (and utter lack of humanity regarding those killed in the wake of her war votes and regime change architecture) and why not enough people liked and/or trusted her enough to elect her president, the constant drone of her excuses have driven a wedge within the Democrat Party some of us (i.e., Progressives) can’t enjoy enough. We think too many people disliked (and/or hated) her as a choice for president. We think she was disliked and/or hated so much that enough people opted to vote for Jill Stein, or stay home and watch television.
Whatever the reason(s), Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential Election … to Bozo.
Please, never forget. She lost to Bozo.
And the DNC, in all its arrogance, seems to not have learned a single thing about the number of seats they’ve lost over the last 10 years (1,048 and counting). They seem content on the “we’re not Trump” campaign that lost them the White House in 2016.

Good luck with that.

First They Killed My Father … I did a massive thesis on the Khmer Rouge some 40 years ago for a political science graduate course … back when we had typewriters (oy vey) … anyway, I used Chomsky and Shawcross as my two main references, but also several other books as well as magazine articles. I still believe that the bombs we dropped during Kissinger the war criminal’s operation breakfast, that eventually turned into menu because we had expanded the bombing zones from sanctuaries along the border to the middle of Cambodia and beyond, was the most significant factor that led to the rise of the Khmer Rouge and their Year Zero insanity (an offshoot of Mao’s cultural revolution). Thanks to Terrill Lankford for pointing this one out. Angelina Jolie did a terrific job. A must see … because dropping bombs on foreigners who haven’t done a thing to you or yours NEVER worked and NEVER will.
President Bozo … his fight with NFL players couldn’t be more comical. Yet not one single journalist or media clown has pointed out to his surrogates that Bozo is a five-time draft dodger. He had a bad foot, but couldn’t remember which one.

His behavior in Puerto Rico, while no longer a surprise, says more about this country (yes, all of us) than it does about the clown in the oval office. That doesn’t place blame on Trump voters alone, because the fact ANYONE could lose to this moron says a lot more about the Democrat Party, the DNC, their candidate, and their voters who sat back and watched from the sidelines (rather than hold their party to account) while the worst possible candidate had “her turn” and thus lost to Bozo.

Yes, he’s Bozo and there’s nothing else to say. He’s a clown … and the DNC delivered him to us.

Third Party or Bust … again.

Wanna know what Colin Kaepernick was kneeling for? This kind of shit. It hasn’t stopped. Jail or dead. Not the best options … for being black in America 100 years ago, 50 years ago or today. Make no mistake.