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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The DNC failed to see Clinton fatigue ... and now what?


By now it’s pretty clear that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC machine not only failed to foresee the populist message reverberating around the country, and on both sides of the political aisle, but it also ignored what has become even more apparent than the climate change Republicans refuse to acknowledge—the Clinton Fatigue factor.
Now, while it’s true Bernie Sanders’ campaign has a very long way to go, including seeing his populist support, especially among millennials, show up to caucus and/or actually vote, the bottom line is he’s running against a political machine that isn’t used to losing. So far, what they’ve done to insure their choice of nominee gets her way appears criminal to most reasonable people/voters. Between the lack of debates vs. 2008 (25-6 = 19 short), the scheduling of them on weekends, the sudden suspension (and then lack of cooperation with an impartial investigation), the handing out of debate tickets to Hillary supporters in the few debates there are (vs. allowing the public in), and now the secret behind the scenes meetings to bring in a relief pitcher (Joe Biden) if, in fact, Hillary fatigue/Bernie support threatens the DNC stronghold on the convention (i.e., super delegates), it’s become very obvious that should the DNC have their way and Hillary is their nominee, there’s even less of a chance of her winning the general, no matter who represents the other side.
For one thing, Bernie supporters are already upset at the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Many, myself included, have signed pledges to do one of the following: A) write in Bernie’s name to the DNC rather than vote for the DNC candidate, B) vote for Jill Stein (my first choice), C) not vote at all (and maybe take in a Star Wars movie since one of the debates was scheduled for the opening weekend of the blockbuster movie), and/or D) vote for the GOP nominee.
The Bernie or Bust movement is real, folks. It’s not just a bunch of yahoos blowing steam. While there’s no doubt some Bernie people will opt out at the last minute and go for Hillary, the bigger picture suggests Independents are not only feeling the BERN, they’re tired of the same old, same old. Should they find the process as corrupt as Bernie’s supporters are experiencing, then all bets are off for the DNC nominee/Clinton. Frankly, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz record as Chair is pretty unimpressive. She’s chaired over record losses since she’s been handed the position (after serving as Hillary Clinton’s Co-Chair in her loss to Obama back in 2008). The record losses in Congress, and recently having lost the Senate, doesn’t bode well for the party’s chances in 2016.
It will be interesting to see how the race progresses, whether the DNC has learned a lesson or not. So far, most of Hillary’s big endorsements have come with a backstory that reeks of corruption (i.e., Planned Parenthood, where not only is the President of the organization a Hillary BFF, her daughter has worked for both the DNC and is currently working for Clinton’s campaign), while Bernie’s endorsements seem to be coming from very brave individuals and organizations willing to take on the DNC machine (and jeopardize the blowback should Clinton become president).
In any event, the DNC embraced Clinton name recognition and dismissed her scandal sheet that continues to expand daily (now we’re back to her email issues and ties to the Clinton Foundation). In an election cycle when people are beyond frustration with business as usual, the DNC has opted for the status quo, and has played the dirtiest politics imaginable to do nothing but reinforce voter frustration.
What we’re seeing today is blowback. It started with Occupy Wall Street and has returned with a vengeance within Bernie’s campaign, except this time the stakes are much more palpable. The powers that be have been put on notice, and I’m not so sure they’ve figured out the game they’ve been playing isn’t helping their cause. In the meantime, Bernie supporters grow more hopeful day by day and the Clinton camp turns to the desperation tactics that yet again reinforce voter frustration/Bernie support.
Last week she picked on Bernie’s adopted grandchildren. Then it was his health. Then it was his electability. Today they’re playing the GOP card from two different angles; one says he’s attacking her like the GOP will in the general, and the other angle claims the GOP will be connecting his name to the “Hammer and Sickle” (Clair McCaskill).
It’s starting to feel like a Trump-a-Day from the Clinton camp, except her numbers keep going down while Bernie’s numbers go up (and he pockets more and more contributions).

So, let the game begin … and GO BERNIE, GO!