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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Silence of the Dems …


This past weekend Bernie supporters proved Bernie Sanders right. "When millions of people stand together, there is nothing we can’t do."
I’m not sure how many millions stood together after the bogus DNC suspension last week, but there were enough voices from the left on social media to back down the DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (hereinafter referred to as “DWS”). 
But where were the rest of the democrats? Why aren’t they upset about the HNC/DNC? Why do they not voice their disapproval at the way this primary is being handled?
25-6=19 debates wiped clean from the debate schedule (as compared to 2008). Weekend debates during the football season, including playoffs, the Star War release weekend and holiday shopping. A DNC/HNC made up of former Hillary people and relatives of DSW (see the several articles about just who the vendors running the database are).
Yet most democrats, especially those who call themselves “liberals,” seem to have lost their voices. These are democrats who claim they want Bernie, but they’ll vote the lesser of two evils should Hillary win. It's a fair enough choice, but where was their angst at their party's dishonest primary tactics? They don’t seem to mind the corrupt process that has made a total mockery of democracy.
For people who are so stubborn about their insistence on fair play and a level playing field, they seem to have shielded their eyes and/or turned their backs on their principles.
The silence is deafening and it speaks volumes to me. Where have all the democrats gone who went ballistic at GOP Congressional redistricting? Are they really okay with what the DNC/HNC is doing?
Some are terrified of the GOP bogeyman … they point to the possibility of a Trump or Cruz Presidency (as if they’d accept any of the others over Hillary). They ignore the fact that the carnival barking from Trump is totally unconstitutional and could never happen. They shit their pantaloons and ignore their own party’s corrupt primary. The fact they are so afraid of a GOP their own party more mirrors than deflects is mind boggling.
While both party frontrunners talk shit to sway their base, democrats ignore their frontrunner’s constantly shifting positions. And suddenly they seem fine with Hillary Clinton’s insistence on yet another regime change, this time in Syria. It is a policy that has consistently proved a horrendous failure and the most destabilizing factor in the Middle East. Hussein and Gaddafi weren’t enough for Hillary Clinton. Now she wants to go one more, including risking a No Fly Zone with Russia in the mix.
As stated on MSNBC just this morning, nobody seems to care what Hillary Clinton and/or her gestapo in the DNC do. They seem fine with everything and anything. They remain terrified of nominees that haven’t been nominated yet. They forget that some of the most damaging economic policy came from Bill Clinton (i.e., his repeal of Glass-Steagal and his NAFTA free trade policy). The economic crisis of 2007-08 was directly connected to one, and the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs to the other. They forget that one of the architects of our current failed Middle East policy is their frontrunner. They are more than fine with her campaign finance; that it comes from the very banks and corporations who have turned American democracy on its head. They ignore her countless scandals and abuses of power. It is as if her claim at the Benghazi hearings is their new mantra: "What difference does it make?"
I have to applaud people who look at the corrupt political process we have to live with and refuse to vote. I say they’re smart not to waste their time. Why bother when corruption is accepted wholesale? Why get all worked up when it just doesn’t matter? To fear the GOP while your own party nearly mirrors it, and in many situations has acted even worse, is nothing more than hysteria. It is something I’ve noticed when it comes to democratic voters, not all, but enough seem to embrace political hysteria.
They embrace hysteria about a potential GOP president and ignore their own parties abject corruption.
This is is the first election in my lifetime where an honest candidate with a 40+ year history of liberal consistency is on the democratic ticket, even though he had to join the party to get there. So-called liberal democrats applaud his efforts, yet go silent when his efforts are thwarted at every turn. They are the same democrats who could say nothing more than “they were disappointed” when President Obama failed to go after Wall Street, when he failed to support the public workers union in Wisconsin, when he re-engaged in "the wrong war at the wrong time in the wrong place," when he made a mess of Libya, and oversaw the horrendous income inequality gap widen daily during his two terms.
I titled this post the Silence of the Dems, because what I witnessed this past weekend on social media was a deafening silence from some liberal democrats that baffled me.
My bad. I should’ve known better.


This is what loyal democrats ignore. This is why the difference between both parties is negligible. This is why the country is fucked.