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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dogfella: How an Abandoned Dog Named Bruno Turned This Mobster's Life Around--A Memoir … Available Now!


James “Head” Guiliani is a former mob enforcer for the John Gotti Jr. crew. He is also a former street gang member (112) in Richmond Hill, Queens ... and a former convict, drug addict and alcoholic … his life was a mess until he met his lady, Madelena Perrelli. After saving him from suicide, the two moved in together and started a new life. It wasn't easy at first. James had some serious addictions to deal with. Eventually James and his lady were ready to start a pet boutique business together. One morning while arguing over their new venture, they discovered an abused and abandoned Shih Tzu tied to a parking meter in front of a veterinarian’s office on 13th Avenue in Brooklyn.
James’ redemption began with his lady and was strengthened by the dog they rescued; the dog James named Bruno. Although he’s had help along the way, James has become a one man 24/7 animal rescue operation. Read about his wild and crazy life and his redemption. Read about his rescues and how he put an end to a dog fighting ring in his old neighborhood. Read about veterinarian, Sal Pernice, who saved my dog, Rigoletto, long before I ever met James. Read about the animal rescue James runs called Keno's.
James' story will make you laugh. It will make you  cry (a lot). Ultimately his story will leave you inspired and in awe of how men with brutal backgrounds can become saviors of those most in need--those who can't speak for themselves.

Read Dana King's interview with me here about co-writing Dogfella.

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