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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A poem by Knucklespeare … DOGFELLA!


Bishop Checks King

Once upon a midnight dreary,
while the King pondered weak and weary;
Over many a blowout loss before;

While he crouched there nearly napping,
Suddenly there came a trapping;
As of someone shooting, slapping;
Pucks into the netting galore!

‘Twas Tyler Johnson’s Hat Trick,
Doc Emrick yelling, SCORE!

Merely that, and then three more.

Ah, distinctly I remember,
One of their two came off a defender,
Yet Bishop was Stellar again in goal;

The Strangers were reeling;
their defense revealing;
that five vs. three equaled one Bolts score.

Quote Knucklespeare:
No force on ice can stop Killer Killorn!

We gave one away, but the series is tied,
On to Tampa now we fly;
Where on home ice we were best for sure.

For game three we’ll heal;
The advantage we’ll steal;
And the Strangers will feel;
As if they were wronged.

Quote Knucklespeare:
Momma Stella’s Malochhio, forevermore!



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