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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ginger and Cinnamon … The Diamond Collar … The Knockout Game … Happy Thanksgiving!


Ginger and Cinnamon … a wonderfully fun eye-talian flick that had me smiling and laughing and thinking maybe the wife is right, Greece should be a priority on our European tour … a giovane ragazza (young girl) and her zia (aunt) take off for Greece … the young girl is kind of running away (to be deflowered) … the aunt is losing it (has just dumped or been dumped) by her longtime lover … it’s chaos until it ain’t … and it’s fun, amici … check it out.

The Diamond Collar … OWN Sets Debuts for New Mafioso-Turned-Dog-Groomer

A few of the STARS of the show …

James “Head” Giuliani taking care of business …

Lena, the only person on the planet who can control James …

The greatest Vet in the world (Dr. Salvatore Pernice saved our Rigoletto’s life many years ago—no shit).

And Primo!

The Knockout Game … apparently some young kids and young adults feel it’s cool to sucker punch people for the hell of it. The fact the victims are usually elderly and/or women must leave the attackers feeling especially good about themselves. I can’t say publicly what I’d like to see happen to these little assholes, but at least one of them (a 20 year old) managed to kill a man in Louisiana and he’s now doing life.

It's a shame he'll be spending the rest of his life in the joint, but those are the breaks. At least now he can do what he should've done before he played the game ... think about the consequences.

Happy Thanksgiving … there’s plenty to be thankful for, I suppose … my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills aren’t giving away home field advantage this week and playing the Dolphins in a dome in Toronto … this year we’re playing the Southern Atlantic Falcons (at least they’re not in our division) … and lord knows, we have to give them a shot at beating us in THEIR element … nothing quite like the stupidity of giving away home field to play in a dome in another country. Oy vey …

On the Rangers front, it looks as though we’ll have our own QB controversy soon enough … the Prince, Cam Talbot, is out and out outplaying the King, Henrik Lundqvist … we shall see …

On the home front, Momma Stella had this picture taken with her great-granddaughter, Evelyn Amelia Stella (a pair of dolls, yous ask me) … soon to be 84 and a week past 8 months. How cute is this kid?


On the Casa Stella front, I finally learned that there’s no beating our back porch steps … I take them one foot at a time now. And the Principessa Ann Marie FINALLY replaced the two bedroom lamps that drove me crazy with new ones … now if she can FINALLY get rid of the munchkin night tables … seriously, you’d have to be 3 foot to use them.


This week in the NFL …

Back-to-back Locks (Go Jags!) of the week prove out … and last week, when the wife forgot to turn in our sheets in her office pool, the ugly one went 11-3 … oy vey, vey iz mir.

But a new week dawns … including the Thanksgiving Day games and all the trimmings. Some of yous asked why I picked the Cheatriots over the Broncettes in the big Sunday night game, but I thought it was obvious. They don’t call them the CHEATRIOTS for nothing. Even the announcers were having fun with how many offensive picks in a row the Chowderheads were running … it was a cheat fest and let’s face it, Tom Brady is the best ever QB and Peyton Manning isn’t. So when the temperature is anything cooler than 30 degrees, Peyton can’t get it done.

And Moonachie Blue no longer sport a hope and a dream. What I’d like to see them accomplish before the end of the season is making Eli Manning learn how to keep his eyes on the friggin’ play clock. He’s good for 1-2 delay of games each week, not to mention a wasted time out or two. Seriously, the only thing worse than watching Eli dick around at the line of scrimmage while the play clock runs down to zero is listening to him and Mike Francesa on the fan each week. “Well, you know, we, you know, have to get, you know, better, you know, at that, and, you know …” Alright already, we friggin’ KNOW.

The Packing Company will go down in the Turkey Bowl and lose to the Lionettes, 30-20.

The Wes Cravens will out duel the Steelerettes at home, 21-17.

The Cowgirls will stay ahead of the NFC East pack, 24-20.

The Brownies get rocked by the Jags, 24-23.

The Vikingless over the Cubbies, 27-20.

The Coltless have been stumbling bad … but they won’t this week. Coltless over the Tennessee Tuxedos in Indianapolis, 27-17.

The Cardinals shock the Dog Killers from Philly, 27-24.

The 49’ers prove they’re for real again and trounce the Ramettes, 30-16.

The Chefs expose the Broncettes inability to play in the cold once again, 24-23.

The Panthers in a tight one over the Bucaroons, 24-23.

The Cheatriots crush the Texas Two Steppers, 30-13.

The Dolphins secure the Yets QB controversy, 24-20.

And in the lock of the week, my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills will take down the helpless Falconless. Even in a dome in another country against a southern team, the Bills have too much talent to lose to this crew … Bills 40-16.

The Chargerless shock the Bengalis, 30-24.

In the meaningless Sunday night game of the week, the Washingtonians defeat Moonachie Blue, 20-17.

And in the Monday night game, it’ll be the Sea Pigeons rocking the Aints, 30-20.

And one more thing about Thanksgiving … be grateful you were born here but don’t kid yourselves about American exceptionalism, amici. Your exceptionalism started (and or ended) with nothing more than random fortune (i.e., luck of the draw, whether America has worked for you or not). There but for the grace of God, (and/or the atoms that started this mess we call civilization) go you, me and everybody else. That isn’t an anti-American statement, but it is reality. Being born anywhere doesn’t make you exceptional. What makes you exceptional is how you live your life. So be grateful and be smart. Question leadership at every turn. Be true to yourselves. Help those less fortunate and be kind to animals, please.

And one more one more thing … never, ever, EVER give up home field advantage when you’re a team from the north playing a team from the south. And avoid domes at all costs, in country or out.


From Le Nozze Di Figaro … Sull'aria …

Some of yous might recognize the above aria from this scene in The Shawshank Redemption …