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Friday, June 7, 2013

8 Days to Graduation ... James Seals ... my Maestro and the Pulitzer ... Hockey Playoffs ...


Next Saturday, June 15th, the class of 2013 graduates from the Southern New Hampshire University MFA program. I can’t tell yous how much fun I had in this program ... whether it related to writing or finding authors I hadn’t read (or heard about) during my 55 year coma ... my fellow classmates are a very cool group of writers (and people) ... and starting the week after June 15, I’ll be posting here about my classmates and some of their writing achievements and samples ... so here’s to us, the class of 2013.

The last two years absolutely flew ... but they were two very good years.


Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America, by Gilbert King (review next post) … a compelling read about Thurgood Marshall and the absolute insanity he had to deal with as a young lawyer seeking justice for African-Americans. I’m reading this book not only because it was this years Pulitzer Prize winner for General Non-fiction, but because the editor of all my published crime novels (and a few short stories), Peter Skutches, also edited this compelling account of a true national hero.

Frankly, I’m not able to put this baby down. It is an incredibly compelling (can I use that word a few more times?) read ... and how cool is it that Peter took the time to deal with my silly stuff? This Pulitzer isn’t Peter’s only prominent achievement. He’s edited other Pulitzer Price and National Book award nominees and winners ... not to mention a few books he’s authored and/or co-authored ... get it here:

Not too shabby, Maestro.

Hockey Rocks, Rolls and Rules!

Dana King sent me this article the other day … the morning after his team lost a heartbreaking game to the Boston Brunettes in double overtime (one I stayed up to watch until 12:20 a.m.) … probably because my hockey love affair is just two years old, I thought the game Wednesday night was the best hockey game I’ve ever watched … and for almost all of the reasons listed in this article about the TOP TWENTY REASONS HOCKEY RULES …

And then there was this ... talk about tough ... Gregory Campbell’s broken leg ... incredible ... check the video out.

Right now it’s looking like the Blackhawks and the Brunettes for the cup. Two years ago, when I showed up for my first semester in the SNHU MFA program, the Brunettes won the cup ... and all those silly Brunette fans on campus kept flaunting their favorite team garb. Isn’t it silly when people do that, wear team t-shirts and sweatshirts until you can see what they ate the last few weeks on them? Being a member of the fashion police since I was sixteen, I had to restrain myself from giving out fashion tickets ...

I thought the semi-series would be much more exciting than it has been, but it looks like the final match-up should be a wild one.

Go Blackhawks/Kings ... anybody but the Brunettes ...


Victory/Joy ... for the SNHU MFA class of 2013 ... and whichever teams wins the Stanley Cup ... even if it is the Brunettes ...