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Friday, May 3, 2013

David Stern, where are you? … Big ups to Jason Collins ... Segregated Proms? … The Rangers ...

Okay, so most of yous already know the Boston Celtics-Knicks story from Wednesday night. The Knicks arrived dressed in all black to symbolize a funeral for the Celtics. And they got what they deserved for being assholes—they lost. But the bigger story was what happened immediately after the game. Most of yous know I’m no NBA fan … nor am I a Carmelo Anthony fan … but what this guy has had to put up with twice now (at least twice) from the Boston Celtics goes way beyond what is anything close to reasonable . The fact he didn’t throw a punch nets him sainthood in my book.
During the season, Keven Garnett, in an attempt to “get into Carmelo Anthony’s head,” came out with this line while they were playing: “Your wife Tastes Like Honey Nut Cheerios." Apparently Anthony and his wife were separated at the time and the inference was that KG has slept with Anthony’s wife.
Anthony was justifiably incensed at the incident and immediately went after KG … long story short, he also went after him again outside the Celtics locker room … and it’s too bad he didn’t get to pummel the Big Ticket. Nobody wants to see fights on the courts anymore, and the league under David Stern has done a lot to control those situations. Yet the league continues to permit the kind of trash talking that almost has to lead to a fight.
TK says why not suspend a player for such inappropriate trash talking? Why allow a little shit bench warmer like Jordan Crawford attempt to take a starter (never mind superstar) out of the game by enticing a fight? And that’s exactly what the little shit bench warmer did after game 5 in the garden Wednesday night.
“Dat Motherfucker fucked your wife.”
Who wouldn’t punch a punk in the face for saying that? Why shouldn’t someone be punched in the face for saying that?
You want to clean up some of the WWE bullshit the NBA seems to encourage? I’m not talking about players who get their coaches fired and/or the chest pounding after a 7’0 footer stuffs a basket (what a challenge). I’m talking about the propensity of some NBA players to act as if they’re holding the microphone in the middle of a WWE event.
“Dat motherfucker fucked your wife.”
Above is the scrub who didn’t even play, not a single minute, in Game 5.
How do you expect any player, whether someone is saying crap about their wife, girlfriend, mother, father, kids, etc., never mind sexual orientation, color or ethnicity to walk away and be “professional.”
How about suspending the instigator in such situations for AT LEAST twice the amount of games the guy who punches him in the mouth gets? How about making it a hard and fast rule, the way dropping the gloves is in hockey, that should someone instigate a fight in such a crass way, they’re gone for either twice the amount of games the retaliator gets or they get an automatic 4 game suspension upon review of the tapes after the game?
Otherwise players who instigate fights in that manner really are rewarded (i.e., some scrub gets to take out another team’s starter). Make it a universal penalty, across the board. Had a rule like that been in place back when Kevin Garnett, classless moron that he is, started it with his WWE comment to Carmelo Anthony, (“Your wife tastes like honey nut cheerios?”), maybe the little scrub, Jordan Crawford, would have kept his trap shut.
You’re doing your league no service having players act like they’re in the schoolyard. When comments like Garnett’s and Crawford’s hit the press, you don’t gain fans, you lose them.
I don’t even care much for your league when it’s playing clean, but I’m way more inclined to pay attention when I’m watching players compete rather than some WWE pissing contest.
So, trash talking that crosses the line, whether there’s a response or not (physical or otherwise), the player gets to watch without pay for whatever amount of games will get the message across fastest. I guarantee if you put a rule like that in effect, you won’t have as many incidents like the one in Boston Wednesday night after the game, AND you might not turn off potential viewers.
The NBA has become a joke. I ONLY watch it between hockey periods and/or when there’s NOTHING else on television ... one of the reasons is the crap you seem to encourage by letting NBA basketball mirror the WWE.
I’m just sayin’ ...
Jason Collins ... Finally, a professional athlete comes out ... a beautiful thing all around. The support he’s getting from MOST of the NBA speaks volumes to the youth of the country ... finally, gay kids have a professional athlete to point to. Good for Jason and good for those who supported him. And for the assholes who will say stupid shit ... well, isn’t great the rest of the league/country thinks they are assholes for saying stupid shit?

Have no fear, Ranger fans ... that was as good as the Caps were gonna get last night ... we'll own them from here in ... Rangers in 5.
Go Rangers!